Spain is the largest country in Southern Europe and one of the most popular and visited travel destinations in the world. In 2017 a record-breaking 82 million tourists visited for their holidays. Unsurprisingly, the World Tourism Organization’s offices are located in the capital, Madrid. Spain is on the Iberian peninsula and boasts a large interior of mountains, plains, forests and beautiful coastline, as well as two island groups: the Balaeric Islands in the Mediterranean, and the Canaries in the mid-Atlantic. Read More

Exclusive Barcelona Hotels for the Perfect City Trip

In Barcelona, you’ll find luxury and boutique hotels right in the heart of the city. Spa, wellness and comfortable suites ensure the perfect city trip. Whether it’s a chic design hotel with modern, purist interior design or a luxury historic hotel – depending on your taste, you can find your dream hotel for a short vacation. Here are 12 luxury and design hotels that make your city trip to Barcelona unforgettable.