Best Restaurants in Milan for an Exquisite Dining

As one of Europe’s fashion capitals, you’ll be bound to want to visit one of the best restaurants in Milan after shopping up a storm or a long day of sightseeing. 

To help you plan your upcoming visit to Milan or find some new hidden treasures in the city, we’re here today to share our guide to the best restaurants in Milan. 

With three Michelin stars to its name, Enrico Bartolini al Mudec is one of the hottest restaurants in Milan. 

Seta by Antonio Guida offers the perfect combination of elegance and comfort, making it the ideal spot for a date night dinner. 

As the name suggests, expect a very creative dinner when you dine at D’O di Davide Oldani – Cucina Creativa. 

VIVA is a Michelin-starred restaurant in Milan which is run by chef Viviana Varese. Choose from a variety of tasting menus, all of which have different focuses. 

Dine on a range of Japanese-inspired dishes at IYO. The menu is still heavily rooted in Italian traditions, but you’ll find many of your favourite Asian flavours on offer too. 

After a few days exploring the city, you’ll feel like you’ve escaped for a few hours when you head to Un Posto a Milano

Giannino is one of the most respected restaurants in the city, serving locals and celebrities for over 120 years. 

If you are looking for an elegant lunch or dinner in the middle of Milan, check out San Maurì

Enjoy the modern Italian cuisine from Maio Restaurant within this glass-enclosed restaurant offering excellent views.  

While the restaurant Joia is entirely vegetarian, you’ll also find that chef Pietro Leemann’s menu is 80% gluten-free and vegan. 

The menu at Tapas de Pescado changes seasonally based on the catches of the day, so you’ll always find something different to try. 

Bentōteca is a sleek restaurant in Milan which offers Japanese-fusion dishes and fantastic sharing plates for larger groups to enjoy. 

Milan is an incredible city to visit for shopping and dining, and you’ll easily find a new restaurant to try each day during your time here.  Choose your favourite, we selected the 50 best!