Celebrating its 110th anniversary: Aston Martin’s Valour Blends Nostalgia and Innovation

A symbol of luxury and heritage, Aston Martin prepares to mark its 110th anniversary with the release of Valour, a spectacular, ultra-exclusive V12-engined, manual transmission special edition vehicle. 

Production will be limited to 110 units worldwide, a nod to the brand’s history, with each unit epitomising the uncompromised aesthetics, performance, and driving experiences.

The powerful 715PS/753Nm twin-turbocharged 5.2-litre V12 engine is combined with a bespoke six-speed manual transmission, offering an exhilarating and immersive driving experience. 

Meticulous attention to detail has been given to Valour’s design, with each component carefully chosen and crafted to offer maximum driver engagement.

The exterior design embodies the fierce performance capabilities of Aston Martin Valour. 

Valour’s interior also showcases Aston Martin’s masterful use of materials, with options for a gear knob made from aluminium, titanium, carbon fibre or walnut, and seating covered in traditional woollen tweed. 

With its unparalleled blend of history, heritage, and modernity, the Aston Martin Valour is set to become one of the most coveted vehicles in Aston Martin’s illustrious line of iconic front-engined sports cars. 

“Valour is a celebration of Aston Martin’s passion for driving and extraordinary heritage, but it is also emblematic of today’s vibrant and revitalised brand.” Commented Aston Martin Executive Chairman, Lawrence Stroll.