Luxury Hotels  in Lisbon

We have found all the best hotels in Lisbon, and we can’t wait to show you! 

Corinhtia Lisbon

We were lucky to spend the night here, where usually mainly international celebrities  lay their heads.

Villa Cascais

Twenty minutes outside of Lisbon, this 19th-century mansion sits right on the sea in Cascais. 

Memmo Alfama

“An elegant and charming small hotel in the oldest part of the city, overlooking the river.” 

The Lumiares

A great metro-style hotel with all the facilities you could require. 

The Verride  Palacio Santa Catarina

Only a few of the Lisbon hotels have a rooftop pool that overlooks the entire city! 

The Altis Belém Hotel&&Spa

The Altis Belem may be perfectly situated on the water’s edge, but it’s the interior that really makes this hotel stand out from the crowd. 

Tivoli Avenida Liberdade

“Walking into the hotel made us feel like we were walking into a Hollywood film! It was too grand to even comprehend.”