The Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co. Residences: A Hyper-Tower Revolutionizing Luxury Residence in Dubai

In an audacious collaboration of design and craftsmanship, Dubai's leading real estate developer Muhammad Binghatti and renowned high jewellery and horology brand Jacob & Co. have partnered to create a record-breaking residential marvel, the Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co. Residences. 

This majestic Hyper-Tower, set to become the world’s tallest residential building, is truly a testament to Dubai's unyielding aspiration for architectural excellence.

The Hyper-Tower is an embodiment of Binghatti's unwavering dedication to design brilliance, tastefully intertwined with Jacob & Co.'s distinctive artistry and craftsmanship in interior design. 

The interior design, inspired by the fine jewellery and horology masterpieces of Jacob & Co., offers an extraordinary aesthetic experience.

The architectural and interior design, orchestrated by world-renowned designer Roman Vnoukov, is a realization of Jacob's vision and creativity. 

Residents will enjoy exclusive access to a café bar, a chef's table, both an outdoor pool and an indoor sky pool with pool bars, a private fitness club, serene sky gardens, and a spa. 

The Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co. Residences is more than a residence; it's a statement, a symbol of the pinnacle of architectural ambition and the epitome of avant-garde living.