NOBLE&STYLE is a luxury lifestyle magazine featuring Noble Minds and the best in Design, Food & Travel and Watches.

We believe we should be inspired by our indulgences, and that substance and style always go together. To us, a beautifully crafted product is only as exceptional as the story behind it, which is why we strive to shine a light on life’s most unforgettable pieces and experiences, alongside the dignified and influential minds of those who shape them.

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Raffaele Castelli

As editor-in-chief, Raffaele infuses the magazine with a cosmopolitan flair, drawing from his experiences in London, Berlin, New York, and Barcelona. His 20-year tenure with luxury brands, coupled with a love for travel and food, enriches the magazine's content.

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Timo Wagner

Timo, a skilled photographer and creative writer based in Berlin, showcases his expertise in carefully crafted shopping guides, alluring photography, and the meticulously curated selection of coffee-table books he provides, adding a special extra to his publications.

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Sara Foster

Berlin-based writer Sara, with a love for travel and a keen interest in design and lifestyle, brings her curiosity to the role of interviewer. She infuses her passion for exploration and cultural experiences into each conversation, creating dialogues that captivate audiences.

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Aaron Howes

Aaron, from the UK, combines his experience as a branded content editor at Highsnobiety and academic background to offer a unique perspective. Passionate about the intersection of design, technology, and culture, Arron's work is marked by multidisciplinary insight.

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Jack Drummond

A Berlin-based creative copywriter, Jack is distinguished by his past contributions as a published writer for Highsnobiety, where he showcased his creative flair in the realms of contemporary culture and design, igniting conversations and sparking inspiration along the way.

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Philippa Wilson

Philippa, based in the UK, boasts nearly a decade of experience in crafting compelling copy for a variety of brands and businesses. Her particular passion for culture and travel infuses each project with a unique and engaging perspective, showcasing her expertise.

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Franz Rivoira

Franz, renowned as a global horology expert, is acclaimed in the luxury sphere and has authored books, reinforcing his authority and enthusiasm for the exquisite realm of timepieces. Explore his insights further on his Reddit channel dedicated to watches.

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Cristina Agnelli

A skilled writer from Italy with extensive experience. She has dedicated many years to Armani Casa and Armani Hotel and specialises in the design and hotels section. Cristina's wealth of knowledge adds a touch of expertise and elegance to her work in these realms.

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David B

David, from Hungary, is a dedicated writer focused on haute horologies. His expertise shines through in his contributions to internationally notable watch magazines, where he delves into the intricacies and artistry of high-end watchmaking.

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Esther Seibt

Esther, a Berlin-based creative writer specializing in lifestyle, travel, and health, possesses a keen eye for detail. She skilfully crafts engaging and crafted content that integrates wellness, hotel guides, and our curated lifestyle guides seamlessly.

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Feride Yalav-Heckeroth

Feride, a seasoned traveller with a deep passion for exploration, brings a unique perspective to her writing. She skillfully captures the essence of diverse destinations. Among her works, she has authored several guides, such as "Secrets of Istanbul," showcasing her expertise.

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Susanne Biermeir

Susanne leads in content development for brand partners, with expertise in guiding global fashion, luxury, and lifestyle campaigns. She exhibits a unique talent for curating compelling narratives and excels in crafting style guides that shape the visual and written identity of brands.

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Giusi Riccio

Giusi, a freelance journalist in the UK and Italy, is a social media manager and content writer. With over a decade of experience in communication, Giusi brings a wealth of expertise to navigate and enhance brand narratives in diverse geographical landscapes seamlessly.

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Roberta Mutti

Architect and professional journalist, lends her expertise to the fashion section. The author of "Storia del Fuorisalone" (History of Milan Design Week), renowned for design interviews and distinguished work, showcasing her knowledge and passion for design and fashion.

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Susanne Lettner

As an editor with expertise in fashion, travel, and food, her versatile skill set enables her to navigate these diverse industries. She brings a dynamic and insightful perspective to her work, enhanced by her background in various renowned fashion and entertainment media.

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Raffaele Castelli was forced to ask himself a simple yet equally complex question: “What can we do or create to live through these difficult times?” Here he opens up about the journey of launching NOBLE&STYLE during a pandemic and where he goes from here.



NOBLE&STYLE is a digital luxury lifestyle magazine published daily that covers topics like design, food, travel, and culture through beautifully photographed spreads and thoughtful writing. Based in Berlin and Barcelona, the magazine is published in English, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Who is the founder of NOBLE&STYLE?

Raffaele Castelli is the founder of NOBLE&STYLE, a luxury lifestyle magazine that covers design, food, travel, and watches. The magazine was founded in 2020 and is based in Berlin and Barcelona.