How Henri Meijer Coaches The Elite on Self-Improvement and Strategy

Henri Meijer is the creator behind Safe House; a person-centred business that focuses not just on the journey, but the impact the experience has on our lives. We sit down with him to learn more!

NOBLE&STYLE listed as Top 50 Best Luxury Media In The World

Luxury lifestyle magazine NOBLE&STYLE has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Best Luxury Media In The World. The Magazine has wowed the judges in New York and has been awarded one of the great prestigious awards in the global luxury field.


Philosophy, Harmony and Perfection – Japanese Dining à la Yoko Higashi

Yoko Higashi, owner of the Kaiseki restaurant YOSHI in Hamburg, is a master in the art of tea ceremony, Japanese flower arrangement, modern dance and the philosophy of cooking. Her dishes look like blooming landscapes, her wisdom is deep like the ocean and her love for harmony and perfection is present in every bite and in every word. YOSHI represents the translation of culture into culinary passion.

Watchmakers Alain Silberstein & Philippe Lebru In Our Interview

In a long-awaited collaboration, French avant-garde watchmakers Alain Silberstein and Philippe Lebru have introduced the limited-edition Kontwaz Bauhaus 2, presented by visionary watch brand MB&F, an imaginative fusion of Alain’s bold Bauhaus-inspired design and Philippe’s award-winning pendulum movement. We spoke with the pair about the exciting piece, their collaborative process, and their thoughts on the current state of watchmaking.

Weingut Schmidt

Schmidt Winery: From Soil to Glass

Schmidt Winery on the banks of Lake Constance lays home to the Schmidt family, creating wines found nowhere else in Germany.

In Conversation With The Designers Of Luxury Fitness Brand ‘kenkō’ 

With their luxury fitness equipment brand kenkō, German designers Andreas Bachmann and Fritz Grospietsch create refined natural products that complement our lives, blurring the line between equipment and art. We spoke with the creators about their shared design principles, where they draw their inspiration from, and how they see the future of at-home exercise.


How Henri Meijer Coaches The Elite on Self-Improvement and Strategy

Henri Meijer is the creator behind Safe House; a person-centred business that focuses not just on the journey, but the impact the experience has on our lives. We sit down with him to learn more!

Luca Nichetto
A conversation about design with Luca Nichetto

Luca Nichetto carries out his professional activities by dividing his time between his studio in Stockholm, where he lives, and his studio in Venice, his birthplace. His projects include countless furniture products, lighting, precious ceramics, and of course, Murano glass.

Luesma&Vega: the Designers Behind the Plates of the World's Best Restaurants

For the dynamic duo de Ester Luesma and Xavier Vega, fine dining and haute cuisine are so much more than what is served on the plate. For them, it all begins with the actual tableware itself!


Our Top Picks – Wellness Hotels in Italy

Italy truly is one of those countries that just has it all. From skiing to lush beaches to cultural wonders, booking a wellness hotel in Italy to relax and unwind is a perfect way to spend your holiday. 

Athens Guide - NOBLE&STYLE Luxury Magazine

The 25 Best Hotels in Athens To Spend Your Holidays in 2023

What is Athens? An open-air museum where the list of historical attractions to see, such as the Acropolis or the Parthenon, is endless – since you will find archaeological remains wherever you go. In addition to history, Athens has an unbeatable offer of hotels, restaurants, and beaches, and that is why NOBLE&STYLE selected for you the best places to stay in the capital of Greece. Athens breathes luxury and style, in addition to 2,500 years of history.

Finding True Peace in A Wellness Hotel in Germany

A stay in one of Germany's beautiful wellness hotels is probably just what you need, and we have selected some of the best to share with you. Enjoy!


Luca Nichetto

A conversation about design with Luca Nichetto

Architecture books for design enthusiasts – coffee table book

Our 10 Favourite Architecture Books for your Coffee Table in 2023

In-depth guides, illustrated monographs and collections of previously unpublished content: we have selected 6 must-have architecture books published by Taschen, perfect as gift ideas for enthusiasts. These books are full of special materials and insights that every architecture lover should have in their library.

Best Designer Backpacks

Our 25 Best Designer Backpacks in 2023 – Let Us Treat You with Style

designer clutch bags

The 20 Top Designer Clutch Bags for 2023

Are you looking for the trendiest accessories of the season? Check out our list of the top designer clutch bags and update your wardrobe!


Why We Still Love the Iconic Cosmopolitan Cocktail

The Cosmopolitan Cocktail is relatively young compared to many cocktails we order today. But that hasn’t stopped it from being one of the most ordered drinks, particularly by women. In this article, we find out how to make a classic Cosmo and learn the dark drama behind its creation. 

London’s Icon of Cocktail Culture – The Espresso Martini

London bartender Dick Bradsell’s creation of the Espresso Martini established London’s cocktail culture and ignited a buzzing nightlife in Soho. Today, the drink stands as one of the most requested across the globe. We have the full story behind its invention and a classic recipe for you to make your very own version at home.

How To Create The Perfect Whiskey Sour

Whether you’re a whiskey connoisseur or just someone who likes to shake up their drinks order every now and again, these Whiskey Sour recipes will provide you with some excellent examples of mixology at its finest.


The best SPF sunscreens to protect your skin

The Best Skin Care Routine for Men

Whether you’re looking to improve your skin care routine, or are just starting out, our essential skin care guide for men will have you looking and feeling great.

spa tag zuhause

Home Spa Day: The 21 Products to Relax, Destress and Indulge in Your Own Home

5 Natural & Healthy Skin Solutions

You want to look radiant and natural? We have compiled five natural, healthy and innovate skin solutions that will make you look as good as you feel!


Glashütte Original PanoInverse Limited Edition: Inspired By Big-City Street Art

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas: for a Sporty-Chic Look

The Vacheron Constantin Overseas has been among the finest watches ever geared toward travel and escapism. Since its all-encompassing 2016 refresh, it lacked a chronograph-fan-favorite panda dial — but that’s about to change with 2023.

The Ultra-Thin Piaget Polo Perpetual Calendar

OMEGA Speedmaster X-33 Marstimer

OMEGA Speedmaster X-33 Marstimer – from the Moon to the Red Planet

The race to the Red Planet has begun, and OMEGA is doing its part with this Speedmaster X-33 Marstimer, a titanium analogue/digital watch with a hyper-tech heart that shows Earth and Martian time.


NOBLE & STYLE – Your Luxury Lifestyle Magazine: OMEGA Speedmaster X-33 Marstimer


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