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Longines Mini DolceVita: Elegance Redefined in Every Detail
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Longines Mini DolceVita: Elegance Redefined in Every Detail

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Longines Mini Dolcevita

The Longines Mini DolceVita: A Harmonious Blend of Style and Elegance

In a world buzzing with hustle and bustle, the Mini DolceVita by Longines stands out, exuding graceful calm and exquisite elegance. As the world dashes in all directions, Longines celebrates a focus on what truly matters with the relaunch of the Mini DolceVita: quality, aesthetics, and attention to detail.

At first glance, the Mini DolceVita is subtly elegant, but make no mistake, it makes a bold statement. It's a beacon of modern femininity, radiating timeless style with every meticulously designed detail. From its carefully crafted slim-profile case to its soft, clear lines, and the newly designed stainless-steel bracelet, the Mini DolceVita embodies a perfect blend of trend and elegance.


This watch isn't just a stunning accessory; it’s a nod to Longines' rich history. Inspired by a Longines legend from 1927 and the original DolceVita collection from 1997, the Mini DolceVita carries the celebrated slogan “Elegance is an attitude” into the future. The crème de la crème of the models is encircled by two rows of flawless IF-VVS Top Wesselton quality diamonds, amassing 38 stunning stones.  Even when adorned with the metal bracelet, the Mini DolceVita doesn't compromise an ounce of its elegance. Composed of 198 delicate links, it amplifies the timepiece’s jewel-like aesthetics while ensuring utmost comfort.



The exquisite elegance of the Mini DolceVita is also evident in its material and colour choices. Available in four exciting colours – ivory, mint green, delicate pink, and brilliant blue, paired with diamond details – it allows every woman to express her unique flair of elegance. The colour coordination between the straps and the dial's outer square enhances the watch's elegant character, while gold-plated Roman numerals and hands add an extra touch of allure.

mini dolcevita by longines

A concept that steadfastly remains a pivotal expression of the brand’s realm, fervently upheld by all its emissaries. Take the Oscar-clinching actress and activist Jennifer Lawrence. She flawlessly mirrors the innate elegance that the House ardently articulates in its masterpieces, epitomizing the essence the brand unfailingly aspires to convey in its universe. In the dynamic realm of the brand, Lawrence stands as a beacon of effortless grace and sophistication, echoing the exquisite elegance encapsulated in each creation.

“Elegance is an attitude. Of course, it is!” affirms Jennifer Lawrence, Longines Ambassador of Elegance.

These words aren’t just a snappy tagline, but a life mantra reflected in every Longines watch. The Mini DolceVita is a prime example, marked by its delicate lines and precise dimensions, emphasising every detail in perfect harmony.

Longines Mini Dolcevita

With the Mini DolceVita, Longines isn’t just presenting a watch. It's an expression of personality for women who value history, style, and elegance in every aspect of their lives. It's a reminder that elegance is always about attitude, and that true beauty lies in care and attention to detail. The Mini DolceVita remains a timeless symbol of elegance and style in an ever-changing world.

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Photos courtesy of Longines.

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