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Lily-Rose Depp: The Muse for Chanel’s Resplendent Première Édition Originale Watch
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Lily-Rose Depp: The Muse for Chanel’s Resplendent Première Édition Originale Watch

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Lily Rose Depp Chanel

The Chanel Première Édition Originale Watch

Chanel Première Édition Originale Lily-Rose Depp


When one thinks of classic French elegance, Chanel inevitably surfaces in the mind's theatre. The illustrious house, with its entwined Cs, has long stood as a paragon of style and sophistication. And in its recent venture, a revival of the exquisite Chanel Première Édition Originale watch, Chanel finds a muse as timeless as the brand itself: Lily-Rose Depp.

Introduced with aplomb in 1987, the Première watch is a testament to Chanel's dedication to artistry. Through the years, its legacy has seen renditions in ceramic, white gold, pearls, diamonds and more, each edition embodying the spirit of Coco Chanel herself. This time, it heralds a return to its roots, showcasing the iconic design that first made its mark on the annals of horological history.


Chanel Première Édition Originale Lily-Rose Depp


For many, a watch simply tells time. But for Chanel, a watch is so much more. The Première seamlessly transcends its temporal functionality, emerging as a true objet d'art. This isn't just a timepiece; it's a work of art that graces the wrist. The octagonal case, drawing inspiration from the stopper of Chanel's N°5 fragrance bottle, exemplifies the brand’s innate ability to intertwine various facets of its legacy. The interlaced chain, reminiscent of the Chanel classic handbags, adds another layer of narrative to the piece.

Yet, the audacious black-lacquer dial boldly captures Chanel's spirit. A dial devoid of numerals or hour markers speaks to the free spirit that Coco Chanel always championed. Time, it seems, becomes timeless when adorned by Chanel.


All Eyes on Lily-Rose Depp

The ethereal beauty, a delicate blend of Hollywood glamour and French sophistication, emerges as the perfect embodiment of Chanel’s contemporary vision. Daughter of the inimitable Johnny Depp and the enchanting Vanessa Paradis, Lily-Rose’s lineage is steeped in art, allure, and avant-garde. In the Première Édition Originale campaign, she exudes an elegance that harmonizes beautifully with the watch's charm.


Chanel Première Édition Originale Lily-Rose Depp


Esteemed photographers and directors, Inez & Vinoodh, have woven their magic into this campaign. They portray Lily-Rose amidst the hallowed halls of Gabrielle Chanel’s mythical apartment at 31 rue Cambon in Paris. This setting isn’t just a backdrop; it's a narrative canvas. Every nook and cranny of this apartment whispers tales of Coco's indomitable spirit, revolutionary ideas, and ceaseless drive. Against such a storied sanctuary, the Chanel Première Édition Originale watch doesn't merely sit on Lily-Rose’s wrist – it tells a tale, echoing both Chanel's illustrious heritage and its forward-thinking modernity.


Chanel Première Édition Originale Lily-Rose Depp


In this fusion of the traditional and the contemporary, Chanel once again underscores its timeless appeal. With Lily-Rose Depp as its muse, the brand not only captures the zeitgeist of today but also promises an unwavering allure for the generations to come. The Chanel Première Édition Originale isn't just a watch; it's Chanel's ode to enduring elegance.


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Photos courtesy of Chanel.


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