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Windsor men's collection

There’s nothing we approve of more than an early spring sojourn to a fashion or romantic capital city. So when German-born brand windsor. unveiled its plans to debut an ‘endless summer’ themed menswear collection for Spring-Summer 2024 at storied department store La Rinascente in Milan and Rome, our fashion ‘sensi’ immediately piqued.

In true holiday romance style, this Italian excursion for the Swiss-based brand is exclusively a whirlwind one. In the form of pop-ups, the relaxed luxury label will take up residency in Italy’s most sought-after fashion real estate for just over a month, from late March to late April. The spaces promise an aesthetic inspired by the latest campaign, where vastness, tranquillity, and serenity set the mood, and laid-back tailoring is the look.


Windsor men's collection


For their foray into the Italian market, windsor. will present a “beach day to boardroom” collection of meticulously crafted individual pieces, as well as complete looks. A main call-out for the season is an exclusive summer wool–a fine Merino fabric handpicked from the esteemed Italian weaving mill, Reda. Renowned for its luminosity and lightness, it effortlessly blends luxury with functionality and is articulated in the form of the brand’s icon, the tailored jacket, in single and double-breasted cuts. We can also expect it in shirt jackets, cargo trousers and wide-leg trousers.

Adding softness to the season, summer knits in cotton-cashmere complement the tailored silhouettes. In outerwear, lightweight jackets designed for twilight hours spent outside (and leisurely sipping of sgroppinos)–a standout piece is the extra-long paletot crafted in summer wool. And in palette–aptly named ‘happy hour shades’–discover a blend of thirst-quenching mojito hues with soft sky blues, off whites and subtle rustic sand, smoked rose and tobacco tones.


Windsor men's collection


This obsession with fine fabric has been woven into the brand’s DNA since the beginning–1889 to be precise–when Leo Roos and Isidor Kahn planted the seeds of style with a men's garment factory in Germany’s city of Bielefeld, otherwise known as the “linen city”. Fast forward to 1960, and the tale takes a transformative turn as Günter Klasing, obsessed with opulent English textiles, took the lead and gave it its name we know today. This pivotal moment wove the brand into the fabric of fashion history, crafting a legacy synonymous with unparalleled craftsmanship and timeless appeal.

Since then, windsor. has embarked on creative journeys with tastemakers such as Helena Christensen, Bryan Adams, Oliver Masucci and Mischa Taylor. For Spring-Summer 2024, the photography reins were handed to up-and-coming Spanish photographer Elisa Carnicer for her distinctive style that thrives on natural light. This strategic choice aligns seamlessly with the brand’s unwavering dedication to marrying artistic vision with timeless elegance.


Windsor collection


A commitment to a ‘natural' and organic brand identity goes beyond design studio moodboards—it's embedded behind the scenes (and seams). Through the ‘Windsor. EARTH' initiative, the brand vows to source materials and produce clothing sustainably, with specific commitments for change by 2025. These include achieving 100% sustainable cotton, 100% supply chain transparency, and more. We say: 100% good for you, Windsor..

The Windsor. residency in La Rinascente Rome will run from 21 March until 11 April and in Milan from 9 to 29 April. Located on the higher floor, just an elevator ride from the store’s champagne bar, why not set your date with some fine threads and a taste of la dolce vita?


Windsor official website

La Rinascente website


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