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Our 6 Favourite Architecture Books From Taschen
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Our 6 Favourite Architecture Books From Taschen

Architecture books have been inspiring people for centuries. Lean back and relax in your personal favourite place and let the art of architecture sink in. Numerous photographs, sketches and stories connect you to the architects and their creations.

The inspiration and beauty reflected in these books is a very special experience. From small bedrooms to airports and cities, the art of years past still impresses us today. At the same time, it is the modern that draws your attention and captivates you. Be inspired by the colours, shapes and imposing marvels that make up the spirit of the times in these architecture books published by Taschen.

Zaha Hadid. Complete Works 1979-Today. 2020 Edition | Taschen

Zaha Hadid. Complete Works 1979-Today. 2020 Edition

Meet the revolutionary architect Zaha Hadid. Although her work seems impossible to implement, she has been celebrated for years. In the last years of her life, Hadid began to realize her visions. As a result, cities and buildings from Antwerp to Beijing embraced her architectural language.

Even today they shine with their distinctive designs. The architecture books include numerous photographs, detailed sketches and shows you Hadid's architectural world. Revolutionary and contemporary buildings, furniture and interior design in a universe of their own – this is what the architecture books shows you. With them, you will experience firsthand the distinctive and unique design of the 21st century.

For an impression of Hadid's entire work, the Complete Works 1979-2020 Edition, published by Taschen, is especially recommended.

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best Architecture books Taschen
Contemporary Houses. 100 Homes Around the World | Taschen

Contemporary Houses. 100 Homes Around the World

Contemporary Houses represents innovative and intimate architecture from China to Chile. It shows you what domestic bliss looks like in contemporary homes. After all, designing private homes is considered a very special challenge for architects. Even if the scope is much smaller than that of complex public projects, the requirements, visions and preferences of individual personalities must be skillfully brought to the fore.

The goal is emotional association, which wants to be translated into a practical and constructed reality. With the help of this architectural book you will get to know architecture in its most intimate and elementary form.

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best Architecture books Taschen
Gio Ponti | Taschen

Gio Ponti

Get to know one of the greatest architects of the 20th century in this coffee table book. It is a tribute to Ponti's achievements, which he showed as a timeless creator and a genius publisher.

This architectural book introduces you to the clear and unifying visions of a complex creative universe. The Italian greatness, combined with the studied lightness, is shown to you here as a total work of art. Ponti's great skill was to move easily between scales. As a result, he succeeded in both the design of a teaspoon and the architecture of an entire city. This rich collection of texts gives you a very personal insight into the artist's life's work.

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best Architecture books Taschen
Bauhaus. Updated Edition | Taschen

Bauhaus. Updated Edition

A comprehensive reference work that shows how the face of modernism changed in Germany within a mere 14 years, and caught between two world wars. The Bauhaus School of Art and Design impressed even then with its pioneering fusion of different techniques. What made it special: the utopian ideas of a future, within every form of art.

The architecture books show you not only photographs and sketches, but also the personalities of an idealistic creative community. For the history of Bauhaus was by no means exclusive to art. From group gymnastics to extensive architectural plans, this architecture book is bursting with colour and vision.

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best Architecture books Taschen
Piano. Complete Works 1966-Today | Taschen

Piano. Complete Works 1966-Today

Piano is considered a master of lightness and mechanics. An architecture book full of photos, sketches and plans reveals Renzo Piano's world to you. Ongoing works from around the world make the images and stories of the architecture book truly special: from the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in LA to the Emergency Children’s Surgery Centre in Uganda, to the Château La Coste Art Gallery and the Paris Courthouse.

The architecture book in a special modern Art Edition convinces you with an additional sketch of the artist Renzo Piano and lets you participate in these masterpieces.

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best Architecture books Taschen
Koolhaas/Obrist. Project Japan. Metabolism Talks | Taschen

Koolhaas/Obrist. Project Japan. Metabolism Talks

Project Japan offers you hundreds of fantastic images that tell their own story of a country. The architecture book showcases never-before-seen photographs and features. It’s an architecture book that shows what 20th-century Japan is all about.

What makes the architecture book so special? It tells the story of the first non-Western avant-garde architecture, straight out of postwar Tokyo. With rare photographs and numerous interviews, the book reveals the country's turbulent and fantastic vision of the future.

The architecture book captures in its own unique way how closely the stories of the people are connected to their architecture. New insights and sheer boundless creativity connect the dreams of individuals with the redesign of an entire country.

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