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We go beyond the apparent search for great food and travel opportunities. We love exploring and telling you about our list of the best hotels in Europe, guiding you through some eclectic cities and best restaurants, and inspiring you to hunt down the best dishes in town.

Things to do in Amsterdam. A river with boats on it and buildings in the background
Insider’s Guide – Discover the new Amsterdam

Discover the new Amsterdam—a city that’s transformed its iconic canals and cobblestones into a playground for the sophisticated traveller. Long gone are the clichés of coffee-shop culture and red-light nights; instead, Amsterdam has blossomed into a refined destination, thanks to strategic investments from the Dutch government.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz: A Haven for Relaxation and Indulgence

In the picturesque town of Bad Ragaz, nestled in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen, lies a unique wellness oasis: the 5-star Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. The majestic peaks and gentle valleys of the Bündnerland offer an idyllic and healing retreat, with the resort providing direct access to therapeutic thermal waters.

Bastian Beach Club Barcelona
Barcelona Announces Its First Beach Club, Bastian Beach Developed by Costa Este

Meet Bastian Beach, Barcelona’s first beach club. The 15-million-euro club is the project of Coste Este and will call the renovated facilities of Club Natació Barcelona, on San Sebastian Beach in Barceloneta.

Things to do in Milan
Things to Do in Milan to Experience the City in Style

Milan is a world-famous metropolis as the capital of fashion, design and finance, but also…

The best Restaurants in Milan: A Gourmet’s Paradise!

As one of Europe’s fashion capitals, you’ll be bound to want to visit one of the best restaurants in Milan after shopping up a storm or a long day of sightseeing. Check our selection of the tastiest spots in town!

Photo by: Deessa
Our 15 Favourite Michelin Star Restaurants in Madrid

Madrid is one the best cities in the world to try the dishes of famous Michelin star chefs. There are 27 restaurants with this distinction and it’s a hard task to choose which one to dine in.

Lluc Crusellas
Noble Indulgence: With Chocolatier Extraordinaire Lluc Crusellas

Catalan pastry chef Lluc Crusellas belongs to the haute volée of the finest patissiers and was crowned the world’s best chocolatier in 2022, but he is much more than that.

Photo by: credentials - OAB Ferrater _ Partners | credentials - Jordi Play
The 15 best Michelin star restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world. Is it only the architecture, the Mediterranean flow and the perfect weather? We selected 15 of the best restaurants in Barcelona, all of them with at least one Michelin star.

Hotels in Marbella Hotels in puerto banus
The 19 of the Best Hotels in Marbella: A Lavish Affair

On the glinting sun-soaked coast of Spain lies Marbella, a town that famously attracts the…

22 Best Amalfi Coast Hotels

The Amalfi Coast lies in Italy’s southwestern Salerno province in the Campania region on the Tyrrhenian Sea wrapping around the Gulf of Salerno. It is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Join us on our journey and get insights where to stay.