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NOBLE&STYLE listed as Top 50 Best Luxury Media In The World
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NOBLE&STYLE listed as Top 50 Best Luxury Media In The World

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Among the Top 50 Best Luxury Magazine in The World


Luxury lifestyle magazine NOBLE&STYLE has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Best Luxury Media In The World, headlining among elite names in the luxury media sphere such as Tatler, British Vogue, Wallpaper*, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar. Being meticulously marked on their levels of excellence, credibility and craftsmanship, NOBLE&STYLE has wowed the judges in New York and has been awarded one of the great prestigious awards in the global luxury field.


Raffaele Castelli
Raffaele Castelli – Photo by Luke Fontana

“I wanted to create a platform talking about well-made products and shining a light on them.”

Creator Raffaele Castelli conceptualized NOBLE&STYLE during difficult times. In 2019, Raffaele’s marketing and celebrity relations agency CLY was flying high. “My company was doing very well before the pandemic. 2019 was our most profitable and most international year ever, with events worldwide from Berlin to New York and Los Angeles.” But when Covid-19 put pay to many of CLY’s activities, Raffaele searched for a way to adapt the business model for greater resilience. What was formed was a whole new idea in the luxury lifestyle online magazine NOBLE&STYLE.


Luxury Lifestyle Award 2023

NOBLE&SYTLE International Lifestyle Magazine

NOBLE&STYLE’s online presence covers travel, Michelin-star chefs and restaurant guides, luxury watches, culture, lifestyle and design, focusing on an appreciation for beautifully crafted products and experiences. What started as just an idea at the beginning of the lockdown has become a hugely successful luxury lifestyle magazine.

Now, with a team of twenty people across Europe working hard to bring unique items and experiences to the NOBLE&STYLE readership, the luxury magazine is published in four languages, English, German, Spanish and Italian, reaching readers from over 30 countries. The founder, Raffaele Castelli is immensely proud of what he and his team have achieved over the last two years.


The Top 50 Best Luxury Magazines in The World Awards

The Luxury Lifestyle Awards search every corner of the world to promote the best luxury goods and services. Carefully considering over 5000 candidates from 120 regions across the globe, they spend months studying and marking each of these candidates on a range of criteria. Luxury trending magazine!

This in-depth study covers the credibility of published information, brand awareness both of their audience and on social media, the craftsmanship of the content created, and the reputation built up by the brand. Using a range of outlets to gather this data, it is scored and assessed before the final Top 50 Best Luxury Media is collated. This level of scrutiny during the process ensures that only the best of the best make it onto the esteemed list.

Read the Luxury Lifestyle Report of the criteria here

Receiving the recognition that NOBLE&STYLE deserve for their impact within the luxury lifestyle magazine market is well-deserved and highly sought after. Being among such top elite brands on the Top 50 Best Luxury Media in The World list goes to show the excellence and dedication they put into the brand, the desire they have to engage with their discerning readers and the passion they have for sharing the exclusive world of luxury with their audience.

NOBLE&STYLE Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

“This award wouldn’t be possible without our Partners, Advertisers, the Luxury Lifestyle Awards Jury and you, dear Readers, so a big thank you for your trust and loyalty. We can’t wait to show you how NOBLE&STYLE will evolve during the following years!”

NOBLE&STYLE Luxury Lifestyle Magazine America

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