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21 Best White Sneakers for Men – Stylish in 2022!
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21 Best White Sneakers for Men – Stylish in 2022!

21 Best White Sneakers for Men

If you are looking for some of the best white sneakers for men in 2022, we’ve got you covered. After studying the current trends and the most popular brands, our choice has been carefully made.

White sneakers are a cornerstone of any man’s wardrobe – they’re the foundation, the base, the thing that ties your entire look together. In short, the classic white sneaker goes with any style – from minimal sleek suits to the more elegant streetwear looks.

This probably helps explain why there’s such a large selection of the humble white sports shoe out there. The all-time classics from the big players, the extravagant statements from upscale brands, and minimal solid flexes from the smaller labels – there is simply something for everyone. Whichever you choose, with proper care, the classic white sports shoe will serve you and your wardrobe well.


This brings us to a small but important question:

How do you clean your white sneakers once you’ve got them?

The quick and easy way is with a small cleaning kit like Liquiproof LABS Footwear & Fashion travel bag. It contains a refresher, eco cleaning fluid, protective spray, a microfibre towel, and a vegetable fibre brush. It has all the things you need to keep your classic white sneakers looking box fresh.

No matter what kind of white sneakers you are looking for, from sporty to luxury, from high-top to low-top or minimalist, we've rounded up a thorough list of the best white sneakers for men in 2022. Our favourite sneakers will give you plenty of choices and help you make an informed purchase of this fundamental piece of clothing. Now all you need to do is pick the right pair of shoes for you.


Our Best White Sneakers for Men In 2022:



ADIDAS ORIGINALS Earlham Leather Sneakers - best white sneakers for men
Adidas Originals Earlham Leather


Adidas is known for creating enduring and undisputed classics that have stood the test of time, evolving from a working basketball court shoe to the streetwear icon we know today. Recently, the Three Stripes have become a synonym for a luxury feel. The German streetwear giant has manufactured some of the best white sneakers for men in 2022.

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PUMA R78 low-top sneakers - low sporty white sneaker
Puma R78 low-top


Born out of two brothers' rivalry, Puma was created by Rodolfo Dassler, whose brother created Adidas (Adolf Dassler). The echoes of that love-hate sibling relationship can be heard even today, as Puma fans love to hate Adidas and vice-versa. Puma has established itself as the third most popular sportswear brand on the planet. Recently, the brand has created a stylish urban line of widely popular sneakers.

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Cariuma CATIBA PRO Skate sneakers - best white sneakers for men
Cariuma CATIBA PRO Skate


An environmental-focused brand incubated in a Brazilian urban skating environment, Cariuma is laser-focused on consciously made shoes made from sustainable materials. A stylish design and a comfortable fit are assured. Best of all: for every pair of sustainable sneakers purchased, Cariuma plants two trees in the Brazilian rainforest, trying to help in preserving our planet’s lungs.

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Axel Arigato white marathon sneakers - low top white sneakers
Axel Arigato white marathon sneakers

Axel Arigato

Swedish founders Max Svärdh and Albin Johansson defined their brand founded in 2014 as “design for the next generation.” With the production being based in Porto, their sneaker silhouettes and famously clean lines are causing a worldwide stir.

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HOKA ONE ONE Sneakers Clifton 8 - best white sneakers for men
HOKA ONE ONE Sneakers Clifton 8


Those who live for running in the mountains consider downhill the most complex challenge. Famous Ultramarathon champion Nicolas Mermoud set himself an ambitious goal: to engineer shoes that he could confidently wear to attack those tricky downhills. Hoka One One was born in the process to conquer the world’s most challenging terrains. And conquered they were. The brand’s name means “to fly over the earth” in Maori. Those who have run downhill wearing Hoka-One-One sneakers testify that exact feeling. Best of all, their sneakers are competitively priced.

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Tom Ford James Rubber-Trimmed Leather, Suede and Nylon Sneakers
Tom Ford James Rubber-Trimmed Leather, Suede and Nylon Sneakers

Tom Ford

The American luxury designer blends eco-minded offerings with a stylish design in his white sneakers for men handcrafted in Italy. Admiring his style, it becomes apparent why Tom Ford used to be the head of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.

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COMMON PROJECTS BBall Leather Sneakers - best white sneakers for men
Common Projects BBall Leather

Common Projects

You could argue Common Projects single-handedly brought the minimal white sneaker back into rotation. The Dutch label is known for its sleek, unfussy designs that pair with almost anything. This is a solid and straightforward take on the best white sneakers for guys from the masters of shoe manufacturing that feel luxurious without losing any style or timeless appeal.

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AMIRI Stadium Leather Sneakers - sporty white shoes
Amiri Stadium Leather Sneakers


Mike Amiri is an American fashion designer of Iranian descent who successfully blended West Coast streetwear with the Californian Rock'n'oll rhythm and traditional Persian motifs. All of that is wrapped into a highly luxurious style that subjugated the fashion world. The brand's sneakers are made of premium materials and feature layered rubber soles.

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ACNE STUDIOS Low-Top-Sneakers leather - best white sneakers for men
Acne Studios Low-Top-Sneakers

Acne Studios

Who would have guessed such an unstylish Word as “acne” would become the epitome of elegance? In reality, the Swedish designer Johnny Johansson (co-founder and creative director) named his brand after the acronym for “Ambition to Create Novel Expressions.” Later on, the brand expanded its name to Acne Studios and became the standard-bearer for the Stockholm fashion style. In the founder’s words, Acne Studios is all about the product. Their white sneakers are proof of this concept.

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Alexander McQueen Leather and suede sneakers - leather shoes white
Alexander McQueen Leather and suede sneakers

Alexander McQueen

The English fashion brand survived a tragic crisis when its founder committed the first high-profile fashion celebrity suicide in 2010. Nevertheless, the brand was inherited by Sarah Burton, who improved upon the already fascinating style with extravagant and exaggerated lines by adding wearability to their 100% Made in Italy products. The most quality materials as well as borderline luxury are what define Alexander McQueen sneakers. Tapered and exaggerated soles are the brand’s signature detail.

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Rick Owens DRKSHDW x Converse Drkstar high-top sneakers - white summer shoes
Rick Owens DRKSHDW x Converse Drkstar high-top sneakers

Rick Owens

The Paris-based American designer Rick Owens has single-handedly invented a new “glunge” (glamour and grunge) style that has become his trendy and sometimes discussed signature. His fans are forever debating if his design sneakers are clothing or art. Their presence in our list of the best white sneakers for men in 2022 shows that this question is not up for debate.

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Nike Blazer Mid '77 Vintage sneakers - best white sneakers for men
Nike Blazer Mid '77 Vintage


Nike influenced modern urban history by incorporating Michael Jordan’s silhouette and his basketball magic in the legendary sneaker “Air Jordan”. The brand’s famous slogan “Just Do It” and its “Swoosh” logo were seen virtually everywhere. Thirty years later, Nike has maintained its privileged position in the sneaker lovers universe.

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SAINT LAURENT Court Classic SL/10H sneakers - white leather shoes
Saint Laurent Court Classic SL/10H

Saint Laurent

Six decades ago, Yves Saint Laurent reinvented womenswear by removing skirts and dresses and empowering women to wear trousers in completely new and innovative ways. As a forerunner of the Parisian dazzling design, Yves Saint Laurent made sure to use French fabrics and manufacturing. When the brand moved into sneaker territory, their shoes became an instant classic because their design allowed fashion lovers to wear them on just any occasion, from the office to the wildest parties.

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VEJA V-10 Vegan Suede-Trimmed Faux Leather Sneakers - comfortable white shoes
Veja V-10 Vegan Suede-Trimmed Faux Leather


This Parisian label quietly pushes the needle for ecologically sound and socially responsible footwear in its effortlessly stylish collections. These shoes have a strong silhouette all around. There are no chemicals, no pollution, only good vibes – that resonates in our list of best white sneakers for men in 2022.

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Officine Creative Kombined Suede-Trimmed Leather Sneakers - best white sneakers for men
Officine Creative Kombined Suede-Trimmed Leather Sneakers

Officine Creative

The Italian footwear brand founded in 1968 by Nazzareno Di Rosa is known for using enduring traditional techniques to create its luxury white sneakers line. Each sneaker goes through over 100 manufacturing processes to have a perfectly crafted pair. The Officine Creative look is always a supreme visual experience of Italian creativity.

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Acne Studios Low-top VELCRO® sneakers - athletic white sneakers
Acne Studios Low-top VELCRO® sneakers

Acne Studios Low-top VELCRO® sneakers

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Nike Waffle One sneakers - best white sneakers for men
Nike Waffle One

Nike Waffle One

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Diesel S-Clever sneakers - essential white trainers
Diesel S-Clever


Diesel was founded in Italy in 1978 by Renzo Rosso as a jeans manufacturing company that was revered for its high-end denim jeans of a distinctive vintage and distressed look. However, nowadays, it has grown into a global lifestyle brand. Diesel recently expanded into footwear and designed a highly original and bold white sneaker.

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Polo Ralph Lauren Jermain II Full-Grain Leather Sneakers - best white sneakers for men
Polo Ralph Lauren Jermain II Full-Grain Leather

Polo Ralph Lauren

The polo player with the raised mallet, the Ralph Lauren logo, is well known worldwide. The New York-born designer started as a tie seller and went all the way to becoming an American fashion icon who redefined an East Coast aesthetic. His sneakers are known for converging fashion and entertainment.

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PUMA x Maison Kitsuné Ralph Sampson 70 sneakers - trendy white sneakers
Puma x Maison Kitsuné Ralph Sampson 70

Puma x Maison Kitsuné Ralph Sampson 70

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VEJA V-10 Rubber-Trimmed Leather Sneakers - basic white sneakers
VEJA V-10 Rubber-Trimmed Leather

VEJA V-10 Rubber-Trimmed Leather

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What are the best white sneakers for women?

Women are blessed with an even wider choice of this classic and essential footwear. Here are our best white sneakers for women for all of you looking for the right and smart option. Pair them with the perfect pair of sunglasses and enjoy your day.


Best sneakers for men: the bottom line.

There is no footwear more timeless as a clean white sneaker. They are worn throughout the year and are pretty much always the right choice. Simply put, they are an absolute staple in our wardrobe.

Sneakers culture has become increasingly popular in the past decade and has not shown signs of slowing down. An almost infinite number of designs and pairing possibilities of this ubiquitous product forge its reputation as a great accessory to any wardrobe. That’s why we’ve done the difficult part of researching and testing for you. All you have to do is choose from our list of the best white sneakers for men.


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