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Designer Sneakers for Women for Stylish Commodity
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Designer Sneakers for Women for Stylish Commodity

Designer sneakers for women


Are you looking for the best designer sneakers for women and don't want to give up comfort, the most popular brands, and style? With the return of cream and pastel shades, there are many stylish offers to choose from! But which are the classiest?

Taking the quality of the best-known brands for granted, let's focus now on the most noteworthy releases.

The recent proposals of sneakers for women designed for stylish walking in the city range as much in shape as in colour, making the election of the perfect pair almost the mission impossible. But despite the overblown and farfetched choice, we have carefully selected the most desirable women's sneakers for this season.

To avoid picking only one or two pairs of shoes, we have divided the best sneakers by category, since only one pair would never satisfy the entire female audience. Thus, we are making it easier for you to find the best brand sneakers that meet your tastes.


Aside from Tod's superb leisure shoes, we couldn't ignore Gucci's proposals. The showy sneakers by Isabel Marant and the very comfortable Nike in super soft leather also conquer the podium of the best designer sneakers for women.

A little eccentric but always classy, sneakers by Loewe or those by Hogan are perfect for attracting attention. On the other hand, the Jimmy Choo or the precious shoes by Brunello Cucinelli are perfect for carefree walks.



Cristian Louboutin Best Designer Sneakers for Women
Cristian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Fun Viera

Stepping out has never been so stylish with Christian Louboutin's Fun Viera sneakers. Crafted in luxe leather, these low-tops bear the unmistakable logo detail at the heel, offering a discreet yet unmistakable nod to their coveted creator. But it's the contrasting grosgrain ribbon trims and those iconic red soles that truly steal the show, adding a flash of Louboutin's signature flair to every stride. Perfect for those eager to keep their footwear chic and distinctive, the Fun Viera sneakers make every pavement a personal runway. Walk this way for effortless, enviable style. The world is yours to walk with that red-soled confidence.

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The Row Best Designer Sneakers for Women
The Row

The Row Owen Runner Sneakers

Check out The Row’s Owen Runner sneakers for the perfect blend of practicality and polish. Made in Italy with a smart mix of technical mesh and suede in a chic beige, these kicks are as stylish as they are functional. The spongey rubber soles are lugged, giving you all the grip you need. Step out in these cool runners, where comfort meets effortless style. The Row has you sorted for a sleek, urban vibe that doesn’t skimp on practicality. A definite must-add to your sneaker collection.

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Gucci GG leather-trimmed sneakers
Gucci GG

Gucci GG Leather-Trimmed Sneakers

These middle-of-the-road sneakers made from GG Supreme canvas with leather trims will go well with any outfit and enhance it. Made in Italy, they epitomize Italian craftsmanship.

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Tod's Best Designer Sneakers for Women

Tod's Cassetta Sneakers

Upgrade your sneaker game with Tod’s Cassetta sneakers, a nod to the classic basketball silhouette. Crafted in sumptuous white leather with chic beige accents, these low-tops exude understated elegance. The subtle embossing of the brand logo on one side adds a touch of luxury, while the robust rubber platform soles promise comfort and a trendy lift. Perfect for those who appreciate the finesse in details and crave a contemporary spin on the classic. Step into effortless style and comfort with these standout sneakers, where Italian craftsmanship meets modern allure. Your casual ensemble just got a stylish uplift.

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Chloe Best Designer Sneakers for Women

Chloé Nama Sneakers

Eco-warriors, rejoice! Chloé's Nama sneakers are a dream for the sustainable style maven. Crafted from recycled mesh, these multicolored marvels stride light on the earth with their eco-friendly rubber soles. The intricate hand-stitched details and swanky branding on the heel, crafted from certified suede, make them a guilt-free indulgence. Slip into Chloé’s Nama sneakers and make every step a leap towards a more stylish, sustainable world. The planet will thank you, and your style won’t miss a beat.

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Balmain Best Designer Sneakers for Women

Balmain B-court sneakers

Up your everyday style game with Balmain's B-court sneakers. Crafted from luxe black leather and monogrammed jacquard nylon, they effortlessly blend glam and comfort. The gold-tone detailing adds just the right amount of sparkle to your stride, while the thick rubber soles promise all-day ease. Perfect for those who adore a subtle luxe touch in their casual wear. With these on your feet, every pavement becomes a runway. Balmain ensures your daily looks are never mundane but always runway-ready. Stride in style, every day!

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Best Designer Sneakers for Women
Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli Suede Sneakers

The purple suede sneakers from Brunello Cucinelli have water-resistant linings, which makes them the perfect everyday footwear. An original detail, Monili bead trims (label-signature embellishments) are applied carefully and manually.

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Whether you want high-heeled walking shoes that catch everyone's eye or prefer an alternative to comfortable ankle boots, here are some of the best high-top and winter models of designer sneakers for women! Hogan and Isabel Marant guarantee relaxing walks, while Leone and Thomas Browne add a touch of desirable style.



Best Designer Sneakers for Women
Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant Bilsy

Isabel Marant's Bilsy sneakers are an effortless off-duty option complete with Parisian charm. Crafted from suede, this high-top pair is finished with a rubber sole for durability and all-day comfort. Style yours with slouchy trousers for an off-duty look.

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Isabel Marant Best Designer Sneakers for Women
Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant Ellyn

Unleash your inner space-age siren with Isabel Marant's Ellyn sneakers. Dipped in dazzling silver, these high-tops are a futuristic dream with their metallic leather sheen. But it’s not just about looks – the built-in platforms give a sneaky boost, while the dot perforations and topstitching details add a hit of texture and design flair. Perfect for those aiming to make a sartorial statement that screams confidence and cool, the Ellyn sneakers are your ticket to stellar style heights. Shine on in these eye-catchers – the world's your catwalk.

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Saint Laurent Best Designer Sneakers for Women
Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent SL/80 Sneakers

Unleash your inner Parisian cool with Saint Laurent’s SL/80 sneakers. Merging leather and suede, these mid-tops epitomize modern elegance. With branded outsoles and classic lace-up design, they effortlessly blur the lines between chic and street. The SL/80s aren’t just a footwear choice, they're a lifestyle, transcending everyday wear with a touch of Saint Laurent's renowned style. Step into these sneakers and stride into effortless contemporary charm. It’s about time your feet got the Parisian treatment they deserve. Ooh la la!

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Hogan Best Designer Sneakers for Women

Hogan Shearling sneakers

Step into casual luxe with Hogan's latest sneakers. With their Italian craftsmanship, these kicks flawlessly meld the formal with the laid-back. Imagine plush suede meeting snug shearling trims, sitting atop lofty rubber soles. The waved monograms add that signature touch, making them unmistakably Hogan. They're not just a pair of sneakers, they're a stroll into refined, easygoing elegance. Hogan makes sure you step out in effortless style every time. No compromises, just pure, unadulterated chic. Your feet will thank you for the stylish comfort and the world? It'll just watch in awe.

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Best Designer Sneakers for Women
Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Tread Slick Sneakers

Storm the city streets in the Tread Slick canvas sneakers from Alexander McQueen. They're made in Italy with lace-up canvas uppers and dramatically elevated, sculpted rubber soles. We think they provide a unique take on the classic, casual basketball shoe.

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Rick Owens Best Designer Sneakers for Women
Rick Owens

Rick Owens High-Top Sneakers

Get ready to unleash your inner goth with Rick Owens' high-top sneakers, affectionately dubbed The Lord of Darkness. These aren’t your regular high-tops – think avant-garde design infused with industrial cool, all swathed in sumptuous black leather. Perched on commanding rubber soles, they’re a masterful blend of edge and elegance, reflective of Owens' iconic dark aesthetic. Elevate your sneaker game to artistic heights with this bold, architectural pair. A statement-maker, they're perfect for those daring to walk on the dark side while keeping their style game strong. Darkness never looked so stylish.

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Prada Suede black sneakers

Prada Black Suede Sneakers

These low-top silhouette sneakers from Prada are made in Italy from black suede. They are proof of the Prada concept: the brand never deviates from defining premium luxury with exquisite attention to detail.

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Prada Suede sneakers

Prada Suede Sneakers

Prada is known for never being the brand to follow trends. Instead, they make their own ones, and the Suede low-top silhouette sneakers are the best example of this design philosophy. They are enforced with ridged rubber soles and shearling trims.

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Brunello Cucinelli Best Designer Sneakers for Women
Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli Shearling Sneakers

Step into the epitome of Italian elegance with Brunello Cucinelli’s latest sneakers. Crafted from sumptuous leather and lined with plush shearling, these kicks are as cozy as they are chic. The finishing touch? A trim of dazzling monili beading that guarantees you'll make a sophisticated statement with every step. From the streets of Milan to the boulevards of Paris, keep your look luxuriously laid-back and always on point. With Cucinelli on your feet, elevate the everyday and turn every pathway into your personal runway. Bellissimo!

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Classic and modern shapes make our selection of sporty sneakers for women the most desirable. Of course, we've included some of the most renowned brands you cannot miss: Gucci, Kenzo, and Maison Margiela.



Gucci Best Designer Sneakers for Women

Gucci Run Sneakers

Stepping out in Gucci's Run sneakers, you're not just walking; you're making a statement of modern elegance. These aren’t your ordinary trainers – crafted from mesh and suede, every inch whispers luxury. Adorned with crystal embellishments, these kicks bear the iconic GG Supreme pattern, ensuring you’re recognized as a connoisseur of high-end style. Be prepared to turn heads and set trends with every step. It’s not just footwear; it’s an announcement of sophistication and contemporary flair. In the world of sneakers, let Gucci’s Run lead your way to undeniable glamour and style.

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Gucci GG Rhyton leather-trimmed sneakers
Gucci GG

Gucci GG Rhyton Sneakers

Rhyton sneakers from Gucci have been a signature brand item for a decade. We are pleased to inform you, they have just received an exalted overhaul employing the iconic GG Supreme canvas. The complex and intricate design allows for navy and ivory panels juxtaposed with leather inserts and reflective trims, featuring jacquard iterations of the brand's monogram.

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The Row Best Designer Sneakers for Women
The Row

The Row Owen Runner in Black

Stride into chic practicality with The Row's black Owen Runner sneakers. Crafted from robust canvas with luxe suede accents, these kicks blend utility and style seamlessly. Set on squishy, lugged rubber soles, they ensure perfect grip and enduring comfort, taking you wherever you need to go with effortless flair. These aren't just sneakers; they're an investment in functional fashion sophistication. With The Row's Owen Runner, step into a world where comfort meets enduring style. Ready to make everyday strides stylish? Look no further. Your perfect stylish companion for on-the-move adventures is here.

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Maison Margiela Best Designer Sneakers for Women
Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela MM6 Sneakers

Step into the avant-garde world with MM6 Maison Margiela's latest sneaker creation. Flouting conventional design, these kicks rest on daring chunky foam soles for a distinct and bold look. Crafted with a blend of suede and soft leather, their perforated uppers and lace-up closures enhance the aesthetic, ensuring you're not just wearing a sneaker, but making a statement. The mix of comfort and innovative design epitomizes effortless style. Let every step showcase your daring style ethos with Margiela's trailblazing sneakers. Unconventional yet undeniably chic, they’re the perfect accomplices for the fashion-forward rebel in you.

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Kenzo Best Designer Sneakers for Women

Kenzo Pace Sneakers

Stepping into Kenzo's Pace sneakers is like diving into a blend of sporty elegance and breezy comfort. Crafted from airy mesh, these kicks keep it cool in every sense. With the chic K and Kenzo logo gracing the tongue and back cap, they silently shout luxury. The secure lace-up closure ensures your stride is as effortless as it is stylish. Perfect for those who crave an infusion of athleticism in their high-end wardrobe. With Kenzo, make every step a stylish victory. It's not just footwear, it’s a sporty soiree for your feet. Ready, set, stride!

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Nike Best Designer Sneakers for Women

Nike Air Jordan Sneakers

Stepping up your sneaker collection? The Air Jordan 1 Elevate High SE from Nike is a must. With their luxurious leather finish, these high-tops are more than just a pair of shoes. They're a bold fashion statement, offering unmatched comfort and a modern aesthetic. Perfect for those ready to elevate not just their footwear, but their entire look. Get ready to turn heads and make every pavement a runway. Your sneaker game just got a high-fashion upgrade.

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Loewe Best Designer Sneakers for Women

Loewe Flow Runner Sneakers

Stride into the world with Loewe's iconic Flow Runner sneakers, now in a chic brown colorway. The contrast L monogram on each side adds a slick touch of brand love. Beyond aesthetics, comfort reigns with flexible design and wavy rubber soles that artfully curve around the toe and back of the heel. It's not just a shoe, it's a statement in style and comfort, ensuring you turn heads while feeling fabulous. Loewe’s Flow Runners are your passport to effortless everyday chic. Your feet will thank you for the stylish comfort!

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Experience the hottest metropolitan trends and indulge yourself in a thousand combinations with the best women's brand sneakers you've just flipped through. If you prefer a classic or clean look, take a look at the best white women's sneakers we have selected for you!

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