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Cartier Privé Tank Asymétrique
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Cartier Privé Tank Asymétrique

The word Privé marks a rarified and highly collectible range of Cartier watches, often picked up in haste by the most dedicated of the maison’s collectors. 2020 sees the launch of the Cartier Privé Tank Asymétrique line of watches, a range of stunning solid-dialed and openworked pieces built around the ever-versatile Tank.

The Cartier Tank, whose design was in fact based on an actual World War I Tank called the Renault FT-17, has for over a hundred years been a reference point in elegance, taste and style the way only Cartier does it.


A clunky, ungainly source of inspiration transformed into a watch that to this very day stands among the best dress watch alternatives now goes all the more precious and collectible with the Privé line.

Cartier Privé Tank Asymétrique
The Cartier Privé Tank Asymétrique is a mark of true design genius: unadulterated or heavily modified, it continues to shine.

Available exclusively in solid gold or platinum, the Tank Asymétrique, as its name implies, goes for a slanted look with the entire dial rotated clockwise by one increment — twelve o’clock falling to where one o’clock used to be, and so on — while the case itself rotated counter-clockwise. It isn’t the most intuitive watch design, but it definitely is a fantastic sight to behold once strapped around one’s wrist.

The skeleton versions reveal Cartier’s watchmaking know-how, while the solid dial versions of the Cartier Privé Tank Asymétrique reveal the maison’s incredible eye for proportions, textures and colours.


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Words: David B.
Photos: Cartier


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