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Huberhaus: A Simpler Life in a Restored Alpine Cabin
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Huberhaus: A Simpler Life in a Restored Alpine Cabin

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Opening up a small barn door to enter a space fitted in historic weathered wooden beams and natural stone is enough to make anyone forget about their normal 9-5 life. The Huberhaus, a renovated and traditional ‘Alpiner Blockbau’ (Alpine log cabin) is an opportunity to bask in the beautiful simplicity of living in the Swiss mountains.

Photo by Bruno Helbling and Gataric Fotografie

Even though the exact year of its construction is unknown, Mr. Klemenz Huber (hence the ‘Huberhaus’) was the last inhabitant until 1891. Nowadays the old wooden beams that Mr. Huber must have walked on a thousand times and the soapstone stove that warmed his bones during the freezing Swiss winters still remain.


What’s different is a modern kitchen as well as an interior implemented by the Zurich-based interior designer Jasmin Grego, consisting of contemporary furniture by Swiss designers and manufacturers. What hasn’t changed is the natural landscape outside that same door, the valley and the imposing mountains, and the peaceful silence they impart like a gift.

Bellwald, Switzerland


The Huberhaus is owned by the Stiftung Ferien im Baudenkmal: a foundation which lovingly restores endangered monuments and revives them as holiday homes.


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Words: Feride Yalav-Heckeroth
Photos: Bruno Helbling and Gataric Fotografie

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