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Louis Moinet Space Revolution

Louis Moinet Space Revolution

The Louis Moinet Space Revolution is true to its name in that it does, in fact, bring revolution to how space is used within a wristwatch. Two counterbalanced arms rotated against each other, both encapsulating a tourbillon — a rotating cage that houses the timekeeping assembly of the watch for greater accuracy under select circumstances. That’s watchmaker’s talk for something that looks awesome in its operation but doesn’t really make most tourbillon watches any more accurate than their ordinary counterparts.

Photo by Louis Moinet

The mechanism is unprecedented and, in line with that, it seemed an impossible feat for much of its development process. Over 470 components and six ceramic ball bearings ensure the ideal rotation and balance of these arms. Even the winding and time-setting mechanisms stand apart from other timepieces.

Photo by Louis Moinet

A look at the caseback reveals another quirk: a massive lever is to be used to select between the time-setting and winding functions of the crown. From the side, the sapphire cylinder reveals itself that provides a unique look at the inner workings of this four-armed assembly and its two spaceships — each shaped from lightweight titanium and painted by hand.

Price for the Louis Moinet Space Revolution is around €334,000.



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Words: David B.
Photos: Louis Moinet

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