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Glashütte Original PanoInverse Limited Edition: Inspired By Big-City Street Art
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Glashütte Original PanoInverse Limited Edition: Inspired By Big-City Street Art

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Glashütte Original PanoInverse Limited Edition

The finest watchmaking traditions meet metropolitan art and geometrics

For over a century, the wristwatch, this tiny capsule of order and precision, has given solace to its metropolitan wearer. All it takes is a quick glance to take a perfect escape from the disorderly tumult of their surroundings — and, thankfully, the noisier and busier our cities have become, the more refined and, indeed, spectacular our watches have evolved.

Case in point, the new-for-2023 Glashütte Original PanoInverse Limited Edition watch boldly places the concrete canyons right next to all that has made the PanoInverse collection so great: Stunningly beautiful Saxon craftsmanship.

Every Glashütte Original watch is an invitation to look closer — case in point, the new PanoInverse Limited Edition.

The anthracite-coloured and grained dial carries laser-etched skyscrapers, intersected by the oasis of the two subdials — the larger for the hours and minutes and the smaller for the seconds' display.

The hand to the right is the power reserve indicator, a handy device that tells the wearer how much of the 41-hour power reserve remains and if a rewinding via the crown is necessary.

Flip the Glashütte Original PanoInverse around, and you’ll find that there is no self-winding rotor — that is because it is a hand-wound watch whose power reserve can exclusively be replenished with the crown.

Creatively designed and beautifully crafted: The front and back of the new PanoInverse takes inspiration from big-city vibes.

The upside is that this frees up the entire case back for full appreciation. There is no wobbling self-winding rotor always in the way.

Glashütte Original’s engineers and designers had some fantastic fun with this horological real estate by adding buildings and, here’s the best bit, placing the traditional texts (such as the number of jewels in the movement, the number of positions the movement has been adjusted to and, of course, the Made In Germany script) in a way that mimics billboards.

The execution is as outstanding as this outburst of creativity deserves.

Even the Manufactory Calibre 66-12 is full of unique and original details.

Back on the dial, the solid balance bridge and its duplex swan-neck fine adjustment system are visible — these are usually only visible on the case back, hence the “Inverse” in the name.

The balance wheel has tiny screws in its periphery, and the top of the swan-neck-shaped devices are hand-polished to mirror-like perfection, fulfilling that much-loved yet rarely described value in watches: That they can distract us from the business of our surroundings.

A tiny capsule of order, precision, and style: The new PanoInverse Limited Edition.

The Glashütte Original PanoInverse Limited Edition

We absolutely love how Glashütte Original pleasantly surprised us with this fun and uncharacteristically bold take on one of its iconic collections — and we all know it takes established style and confidence to show our fun side. That’s what Glashütte Original and the PanoInverse are capable of — and so are you if you are rocking this 2023 novelty.

Find more information and the price list here.


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