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Masriera: An Unbroken Legacy of Art Nouveau in Jewellery
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Masriera: An Unbroken Legacy of Art Nouveau in Jewellery

Alba Diaz
Masriera Barcelona

Since 1893, the Catalan jewellery house Masriera has been the sole constant producer of Art Nouveau collections worldwide. Stepping into the world of Masriera's jewellery is like entering a kingdom where every piece is a unique blend of creativity and craftsmanship, giving birth to timeless, one-of-a-kind creations. Masriera stands for excellence and tradition in this empire, guarding the Art Nouveau legacy in Spain for over a century. This Barcelona-based jewellery house has kept the love of Art Nouveau alive, producing the world’s only uninterrupted collection of such jewellery.

Masriera Jewellery Barcelona


Barcelona, alongside Paris and Vienna, was a hub of the modernist movement in the late 19th century. It was within this vibrant atmosphere that Lluis Masriera i Rosés, a renowned Spanish goldsmith, emerged. Coming from a lineage of artists and jewellers, Masriera honed his skills in his family’s business and furthered his education at the Geneva School of Fine Arts. His time in Paris exposed him to the Art Nouveau style, heavily influenced by René Lalique's work.


Masriera Barcelona
The jeweller Lluís Masriera, also a painter, is an essential European artist of the Art Nouveau movement. In the last decades of the 19th century, jewellery was greatly influenced by the artist Lluís Masriera, who revolutionized the jewellery sector with his designs full of fantasy and nature motifs, the essence of Masriera's jewellery.

Spanish Art Nouveau Masriera Jewelry

Each piece from the Masriera house is a testament to the meticulous fusion of technique and design. The artisans at Masriera employ ancient techniques, such as fire enamel, which originated around 1400 B.C. in Persia, Egypt, and China. This technique, requiring exceptional mastery of heat and colour, achieves vibrant effects and hues. The house is also renowned for its meticulous filigree work, a technique that involves the manipulation of fine metal threads to create intricate designs, showcasing their dedication to preserving traditional craftsmanship.

Masriera blends the influences of Catalan modernism with various elements of Art Nouveau. Their designs are characterised by organic shapes, floral motifs, and a vibrant colour palette, creating exquisite jewellery inspired by a historical archive of over 4,000 original drawings. The most significant legacy of Masriera lies not in precious metals or gemstones but in paper and paint. Throughout his life, Lluis Masriera meticulously designed and archived over 2,000 pieces of jewellery in 100 leather-bound albums. Masriera would create a hand-painted representation for each design before sculpting a metal mould. Each design record included the creation date, recipient, materials used, and cost. These archives, a testament to the historical significance of Masriera's designs, allow the Bagués family to precisely recreate some of the finest examples of Art Nouveau designs in scale, colour, and form, preserving the essence of the original pieces.


Masriera Barcelona
From the 19th century until now, MASRIERA has been the best expression of Art Nouveau, delicate jewellery that has become immune to the passage of time and the cycles of fashion.


One fascinating aspect of Masriera is its close relationship with the art world. Over the years, the house has collaborated with prominent artists and designers, merging the aesthetics of Art Nouveau with contemporary trends. This fusion of art and jewellery has resulted in unique, avant-garde pieces that have captivated collectors and art lovers worldwide. Today, their jewellery can also be found in museums and private art collections among Barcelonans, with some families having accumulated designs over four generations. Besides its artistic quality, the jeweller has pioneered technical innovation from its early days, embracing new technologies and production methods, combining tradition with Catalonia’s modernity to create jewellery that transcends temporal and cultural boundaries. Lluis Masriera I Rosés’s success as a goldsmith was also significant, as he devised a mould system that allows the reproduction of pieces today. He was among the first jewellery houses to use the guilloché technique, which involves engraving intricate patterns in metal, adding an extra dimension of detail to the pieces.

Two hundred years of experience in practice allow MASRIERA to master all the Art of Grand Feu Enamel techniques applied to your jewellery and timepieces.


This spirit of innovation and adaptability continues to inspire Masriera's legacy today. Today, Masriera continues its legacy with a commitment to quality and creativity in its tradition, a beacon of inspiration in high jewellery.



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