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MB&F TriPod
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MB&F TriPod

MB&F, short for Max Büsser & Friends, has become an absolute rock star of the fine watch collecting world through its inspired and unapologetic designs, executed to the highest level. What started as a design company producing so-called Horological Machines in proud partnership with the industry’s finest suppliers and craftspeople — who are relegated to the backstage of things by most all of their employers — is now making retro-inspired Legacy Machines as well as incredible table clocks and musical devices in partnership with L’Épée and Reuge.

Photo by MB&F

Their latest table clock is the humble named TriPod — but that’s where humility ends for this colourful little rascal. A minimalist clock face is suspended between three delicate, insect-like legs, following the mighty T-Rex in what will become a trilogy of half animal/half robot creations that MB&F calls Robocreatures. MB&F founder Maximilian Büsser describes Robocreatures; “In the same way that H.R. Giger created his Alien universe, we’re creating our own world of creatures.”

So, how do you tell the time? You do by looking down on the dial composed of rotating disks — with an added layer of interaction between Man and Machine. The observer reads the time thanks to three optical spheres, each magnifying the clock’s numerals and making them more legible.

The 30cm tall and 26cm wide MB&F TriPod is priced at 24,500 Swiss francs.



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Words: David B.
Photos: MB&F


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