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Pasha De Cartier
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Pasha De Cartier

Originally conceived by Louis Cartier in 1932 for the Sultan of Marrakech, the Pasha de Cartier sees a notable overhaul of the entire collection for 2020 with important updates inside and out.

Cartier is a name that needs no introduction, with a gravitas that is felt the world over. The Pasha is a unique, borderline quirky piece of the extraordinary Cartier puzzle — where each and every piece has its own story to tell. Not many watches out there can fly you back to a place and time as exotic as Marrakech of the 1930s — but the Pasha de Cartier can.

Cartier carefully chose actors and musical artists as ambassadors to drive the storytelling behind the watch. Ambassadors include Rami Malek, Troye Sivan, Willow Smith, Maisie Williams and Jackson Wang. The five diverse talents were chosen to illustrate the unique versatility and modernity of the Pasha de Cartier.


The Pasha de Cartier, a true Cartier classic, is characterised by its own trademark design elements and superb legibility, with the addition of cool Cartier features to enhance wearability

The trademark chained crown cover — originally designed so that the Sultan, i.e. the Pasha, need not take his bespoke Cartier off when swimming — remains a core component, as does the decorative cabochon in blue spinel or sapphire. New for 2020 is that you can have your new Pasha de Cartier personalised by Cartier engraving your initials under the flap that holds the crown cover: a secret location for a bespoke touch. Pasha fans will recognize how the crown now also has its own cabochon, which is also new for 2020.

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Pasha De Cartier

Recent years saw Cartier roll out its QuickSwitch and SmartLink systems. These special engineering solutions sound complex but are in fact designed for ease of use. QuickSwitch allows the wearer to easily and comfortably change between metal bracelets and leather straps, while SmartLink is Cartier making notoriously difficult bracelet-sizing a breeze, helping even those without a watchmaker’s degree (and toolbox) to easily take out or install an extra link into the bracelet of their new Pasha de Cartier.

The smaller Pasha de Cartier will measure 35mm wide and 9.37mm thick, while the larger will have cases 41mm in diameter and 9.55mm in thickness. Both are powered by the Cartier Manufacture Calibre 1847MC, a self-winding movement now displayed by a sapphire crystal caseback.

Pasha De Cartier
Like all the finest Cartier watches, the new Pasha de Cartier stands high above passing trends — remaining forever in style

Around a dozen new Pasha de Cartier watches will be available from around September, 2020.

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Words: David B.
Photos: Cartier


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