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The ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA – Luxurious Sustainability Meets “Dolce far niente”
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The ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA – Luxurious Sustainability Meets “Dolce far niente”


Venturing into the sustainable heart of tourism, we discovered the ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA—an oasis of ecological mindfulness. The resort is not just a retreat for relaxation but a celebration of ‘Dolce far niente.' Committed to the local community, the resort cultivates strong partnerships with suppliers and artisans, celebrating the culture and craftsmanship of the locality.

Within the untouched beauty of Sicily’s landscapes, the Sanoner family, now in its seventh generation, continues a storied tradition of environmental guardianship. Their legacy is built on a commitment to preservation, demonstrated by the resort's careful placement amidst protected reserves, which house a stunning landscape and a harmonious habitat for migratory birds.

The perfect sunset over the Mediterranean can only be seen from the ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA Thalasso pool.

The Sanoner family's ethos at ADLER extends beyond hospitality, embracing a grander vision of ecological integrity and community welfare. Focusing on long-term sustainability, the family's investments prioritize environmental health and the prosperity of local Sicilian communities. This principled stance is felt by guests, harmonizing with the ADLER brand's core values.

ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA is not just a component of the ADLER group's portfolio, which boasts six unique properties, but a beacon of their dual hospitality approach: enchanting lodges in the Dolomites and opulent spa resorts, each reflecting an outstanding guest experience paradigm. In a marriage of sustainability and ‘la dolce vita,' the resort exemplifies a distinct brand ethos, offering a refuge for the environmentally conscious traveller and celebrating life's finer pleasures.

Arriving at the tranquil ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA is to embark on a journey of relaxation and understated luxury. Accessible via Catania or Palermo airports, each path to the resort is lined with the island's stunning vistas and cultural tapestries. The resort offers a convenient shuttle service, ensuring guests seamlessly begin their retreat into luxury, transported straight to ADLER's welcoming doors.

Tucked away in Sicily’s serene southwest, passing through the quaint village of Montallegro, a discreet turn-off leads to the ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA. Here, luxury transcends expectations with an extensive menu of spa treatments and a sauna landscape nestled into the hillside, boasting stunning sea views.

The design of the Resort is smoothly integrated into the surroundings.

Architecture as Art

Hugo Demetz‘s architectural genius lies not just in the structure he creates but in the spaces he imagines. At ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA, the buildings don't so much rise from the ground as they unfurl from it; their linear forms a deliberate echo of the water channels that ribbon through the property. Using tuff, cedarwood, and unbaked Sicilian clay brings a tactile, organic quality to the spaces — it's architecture you can feel.

Strolling through the communal areas, we were struck by how the interior seemed in constant dialogue with the exterior. The shimmering water channels draw the eye outward to where the meticulously tended gardens blend seamlessly into the distant sea, coaxing you into restfulness.

As one walks along the beach, the ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA reveals itself as a hidden treasure, artfully camouflaged among its natural surroundings. Its thoughtful architecture, employing limestone that echoes the earthen tones of Sicily and wood that complements the local flora, allows the resort to meld seamlessly with the landscape. The resort's design is a deliberate tribute to the local environment, mirroring the beauty of Sicily in its very essence and standing as a testament to a philosophy that profoundly values and safeguards nature's splendour.

The ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA is tucked harmoniously into Sicilian nature.

Sustainability: Not Just a Buzzword

Sustainability at the ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA is embedded in every aspect of its operation, a testament to how luxury and ecological stewardship can coexist harmoniously. Boasting many integrated green technologies—from geothermal heating to the promotion of zero-emissions transportation like electric cars and bikes, the commitment to eco-excellence is palpable. Future ambitions include solar energy harnessing for complete sustainability. As the ADLER Group pioneers into its seventh generation, it is clear that its embrace of sustainability is not only a nod to its heritage but also a bold stride into a responsible future.

Sami Aglietti, the resort manager, put it aptly: “You don’t have to compromise on comfort to achieve sustainability.” It's an ethos that permeates every aspect of the resort — a balance between indulgence and conservation, between embracing nature and protecting it.

The rooms are spacious and bright, built and furnished with natural materials, filled with natural light.

The Rooms and Suites: A Portrait of Elegance

Consisting of 90 rooms at the ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA, there are 73 junior suites with panoramic sea views and rain showers. Subtle colour palettes echo the calming tranquillity of the sea. The 17 Family suites, meanwhile, are spacious retreats designed for shared experiences, giving families room to relax together.

Our suite left a lasting impression with its dedication to sustainability and comfort. We were particularly struck by the eco-consciousness in every choice, from the absence of plastic to the use of natural clay for climate control. The seamless transition from the interior to the private terrace, courtesy of wide sliding doors, bridged the gap between the luxurious indoors and the natural splendour outdoors.

The spa area is perfectly designed for the well-being of the guests and is environmentally friendly.

Well-being Woven into the Fabric

At the ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA, the spa is a celebration of water's vital bounty, with facilities like the Thalasso therapy pool, the saltwater hydromassage, and the infinity pool offering distinct experiences that tap into water's age-old curative properties. Each treatment is an ode to Sicily, with local herbs infusing a sense of place into every sensory journey.

The resort's aquatic facilities are diverse: four swimming pools each promise a different thermal indulgence, including a briny float in the saltwater pool and a vigorous swim in a lane pool designed for athletic precision.

With its sweeping views of the bay, the gymnasium turns exercise into an irresistible draw. At the same time, yoga sessions embrace the tranquillity of dawn in a space where open doors offer vistas of the daybreak—inviting yogis of all proficiencies to find their flow amidst the natural splendour.

Further enhancing the wellness journey, the ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA takes pride in its exclusive, organically developed cosmetics line. Aptly named ‘The Power of Nature,‘ this bespoke range of products embodies the resort's dedication to gentle care, utilizing all-natural herbs and ingredients.

Each day, the ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA offers a wide range of spa treatments and fitness activities.

Tailored Wellness for Each Guest

The ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA offers more than a transient retreat; it provides transformative health practices. In collaboration with medical experts, the resort develops tailored wellness programs that align with individual health goals and lifestyle choices, allowing guests to integrate this natural luxury into their daily regimen.

The resort provides a diverse array of activities to benefit the well-being of its guests. Morning yoga welcomes the day with intention and grace while tailored personal training and a variety of fitness classes cater to the unique workout preferences of each guest. The gym—outfitted with cutting-edge equipment and a comprehensive weightlifting suite—meets the highest standards for those dedicated to fitness. QR codes, which guests can scan, provide a full agenda of the day’s activities.

Giuseppe Schimmenti, chef at ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA.

Cuisine that Celebrates the Earth

Dining at the ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA unfolds as an authentic farm-to-table experience. The resort's ‘orto'—an Italian kitchen garden alive with various vegetables, herbs, and fruits—provides a fresh palette for the culinary creations. Here, each meal is a celebration, a chance to relish the robust colours and flavours that define Sicily.

The bounty of the resort comes directly from its own orchards and organic gardens, cultivated to embrace the area's rich biodiversity. This dedication elevates the dining experience and echoes the resort's ethos of ecological stewardship and support for local farming.

Envision a meal where each dish tells a story: a caponata made with aubergines still warm from the sun, the zest of citrus adding a lively tang, and the honeyed depth of a sun-ripened fig. It's a culinary odyssey that traces the roots of Sicilian tradition with each sustainable ingredient.

The resort's culinary approach, spearheaded by Chef Giuseppe Schimmenti, is a testament to simplicity and quality: the ingredients are given a voice to sing. Whether in the breezy confines of the Osteria or the elegant main restaurant, with the sun's last glow dipping into the Mediterranean, the dishes perform a symphony of natural flavours.

The suites of the ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA offer all the commodities the guests look for during the perfect holidays.

Embracing Family and Adventure

One can only speak of Italian philosophy by mentioning family. The family suites, the tailored experiences — they all talk about a place that doesn't just tolerate children but genuinely welcomes them. The family-centric design of ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA shines through its accommodation options. The family suites are sanctuaries where families can spread out and feel at home, where parents can sip on a glass of Nero d'Avola on the terrace. At the same time, the children sleep peacefully after a day spent in nature's playground.

It is not just in design that the resort considers its younger guests. The daily activities are curated to spark wonder in both adults and children. From guided nature walks that reveal the secrets of the local flora and fauna to horseback riding on the beach, these experiences foster a connection to wildlife and each other.

The resort is a wonderland of discovery for our younger guests, with a lively kids' club and gardens rich with activities. Under watchful supervision, the beachside adventures allow children to immerse in play while parents indulge in well-deserved downtime.

Sicilian climate is perfect for spending the evenings in multiple open spaces.

The Crew

At the ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA, the level of service is remarkably intuitive and personal, clearly reflecting the thorough training each staff member receives. Within days, they remember your name and predict your preferred table and the bread you choose at breakfast—a small but telling luxury. The resort's comprehensive eight-week training program, conducted in the Dolomites, is designed to meet guests' needs and anticipate and surpass them, nurturing a sense of family and belonging many return for.

The ADLER's employment strategy extends beyond exceptional service; it is also a force for good in the local economy. By hiring Sicilians and investing in their professional development, ADLER offers fulfilling careers in the local context. During our visit, we met staff who expressed gratitude for the chance to work at such a high standard while staying rooted in Sicily. Their stories underscore the resort's dual ambition: to deliver unparalleled service and to contribute to a sustainable, thriving local community, aligning with a vision for Sicily's prosperous future.

The proximity to the Mediterranean Sea allows the guests to connect with nature.

Engaging the Senses

The ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA doesn't just offer a getaway; it immerses you in the heart of Sicilian culture. The resort organizes hands-on cooking classes where guests can learn to craft traditional dishes, visit local farms that underscore the community's connection to the land, and wine tastings that celebrate the region's rich vinicultural history. Adventure seekers can embark on e-bike tours, tracing the literary paths of the renowned Sicilian writer Leonardo Sciascia or exploring the ancient wonders of the Valle dei Templi.

The philosophy here is simple yet profound: to truly understand and appreciate the essence of Sicily, one must engage with its culture at every level. This belief is the driving force behind the resort’s curated experiences, designed to bring the vibrant tapestry of Sicilian traditions to life for every guest.

The Spa at the ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA calms not only your body but also your senses.

Concluding Thoughts – Living La Dolce Vita at the ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA

In summary, the ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA transcends the conventional vacation. It is a legacy in action—a vision realized by the Sanoner family's unwavering commitment to quality, community, and conservation. Here, the seamless blend of untouched natural beauty and mindful stewardship invites guests into a world where luxury is synonymous with responsibility. The concepts of ‘from farm to table,' nurturing Sicilian talent, and preserving biodiversity are ideals and lived experiences at ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA.

Guests depart with a profound appreciation for the Sanoner family's philosophy: a dedication to letting nature set the pace and to experiences that allow one's soul to soar. ADLER Sicilia stands as a paragon of sustainable luxury, offering a retreat where pleasure and purpose coexist in harmony, ensuring that the splendour of Sicily will be enjoyed for generations to come.

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