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2021 Hermès Nantucket Watch Novelties
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2021 Hermès Nantucket Watch Novelties

The 30-year story of the Hermès Nantucket watch continues with the Chaîne d’ancre bracelet. Its three-decade long tie to links began when iconoclastic Hermès designer Henri d’Origny wished to create a bold companion to Hermès’ much-loved Cape Cod watch that needs no introduction to the fans of the 184-year-old Parisian maison

A “rectangle within a rectangle” – inspired by the anchor chain links of the Chaîne d’ancre bracelet – was sketched as the foundation on which the Nantucket collection would be so eloquently constructed. Based on that Hermès classic originally imagined by Robert Dumas in 1938, the Nantucket set sail on its own path, becoming a beautifully versatile range of filigree Hermès timepieces.

Hermès Nantucket Watch
Like its leather goods, Hermès timepieces have their own supple and distinctive feel.

Today, the Nantucket returns to its roots through a new take on this inspired case and bracelet design: with cases crafted from gold or steel in the Hermès watchmaking workshops, diamonds may just find their way into the picture to add yet another playful element of this elegant 17 by 23 millimetre timepiece.

Designed with a great sense of lightness and suppleness in mind, the series of links that form the bracelet feel as though they were flowing around the wrist: it is where the reassuring feel of steel and rose gold meets sublime ease – both on the wrist and on the eyes. Whatever the product, this tangible combination of outstanding quality and superb feel is a trademark feature adorned by Hermès collectors the world over.

Hermès Nantucket Watch
The playful twists and curves of the Nantucket enjoy the vibrant addition of diamonds across the case and bezel – each set by hand by the craftspeople of Hermès.

The small, yet legible dials on the steel variations feature refined decorations through a combination of sand-blasting and silver-plating, while the rose gold models show off the cloud-like texture and lustre of mother of pearl – a natural material that is as beautiful as it is challenging to craft to perfection. 

Hermès Nantucket Watch
Daring or discreet, elegant or playful: the versatile design of the Hermès Nantucket allows it to perfectly adapt to a great many moods and attires.

The Hermès Nantucket of 2021 is available in one size but four distinct variations: two in stainless steel and two in rose gold.


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Words: David B.

Photos: Hermès


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