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Alessio Beltrami’s Insider Guide to Barcelona
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Alessio Beltrami’s Insider Guide to Barcelona

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Recently coming in third on the Top 50 Bars in the World for the fifth year running, Bar Paradiso Barcelona is the most acclaimed cocktail bar in Barcelona. With Alessio Beltrami at the helm as Head Bartender, the approach puts perfectly mixed cocktails front and centre, with great care and attention going into each and every concoction

Your work has taken you all over the world. What's your favourite city? And what are the top 5 spots in this city you'd recommend to your best friend when they are in town?

It’s true, thanks to my job I get to travel all over the world, but my favourite city is where I currently live: Barcelona. It’s multicultural but also historical, a city with plenty of choices, so you’ll never get bored.

My 5 favourite spots in Barcelona are:

Creps al Born

It’s a bar where fun, entertainment and good drinks are the main points of the experience.


This is basically the cathedral of the cocktail world. One of the most ancient bars in Europe, when you enter you can feel the history.


I love relaxing on this beach and having a great time with colleagues and friends.


The botanical garden on the hill is one of my favourite places for a relaxing walk.

Museums and concerts

In Barcelona, there is always a concert, party, gallery opening, you name it, it’s all happening right here in Barcelona.

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