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Barcelona Announces Its First Beach Club, Bastian Beach Developed by Costa Este
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Barcelona Announces Its First Beach Club, Bastian Beach Developed by Costa Este

Jennifer Lutz
Bastian Beach Club Barcelona

Barcelona has it all: a cosmopolitan character, fabulous restaurants, terraces that range from chill to chic, and a stunning stretch of beach. Somehow, the city is renowned for its Mediterranean lifestyle, tourist hotspots, and weekend revellers, but it has never had a beach club until now.

Meet Bastian Beach

Bastian Beach Club Barcelona
Photo by Futur2 for Bastian Beach

Meet Bastian Beach, Barcelona’s first beach club. The 15-million-euro club is the project of Costa Este and will call the renovated facilities of Club Natació Barcelona, on San Sebastian Beach in Barceloneta, home. The open club (meaning you won’t need to be a member to sip on its summer cocktails) is set to open at the beginning of June 2024 and will feature three unique spaces: a beach club with a haute cuisine restaurant, an events rooms, and a rooftop with 360-degree views.

Costa Este and the Barcelona Natació Club (CNB) reached the project agreement in 2023, a collaboration to completely renew the CNB sports facilities and create the beach club. If you’ve visited Barceloneta recently, you may have seen the ongoing construction in the CNB concession area closest to the W Hotel. Soon, the site will be home to Barcelona’s coolest new spot for gastronomy, sport, and play.

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Sustainable Style Meets Stylish Sustainability

bastian Beach Club Barcelona
Photo by Futur2 for Bastian Beach

Bastian Beach is committed to elevating Barcelona’s emblematic character and putting it on par with the clubs of other renowned destination cities, such as Saint-Tropez, Ibiza, and Mykonos. The style is born from a love for Barcelona and is designed to show off the coastal city's sophisticated, artistic, and centrally Mediterranean feeling.

But it’s about more than design; the club is committed to working with the community and will source products locally, taking care of its environmental footprint and choosing local merchants. “We are thrilled to be able to announce the imminent opening of Bastian Beach. Bastian Beach is a project of maximum importance for the group and, simultaneously, a fantastic project for the city of Barcelona. This entire project has been designed with all the love and affection and created for those who want to enjoy life, good eating, and summer afternoons by the sea. With this, we would like to invite everyone to come and, above all, have a good time”, says Jorge Bordas, Marketing Director of Costa Este.

Jorge Bordas
Jorge Bordas Marketing Director of Costa Este

Bastian Beach will show that love through thoughtful and sustainable practices, beginning with the club’s construction. The sophisticated yet beachy design elegantly blends into its environment. Neutral colours and open spaces are matched with palm trees and other local flora planted throughout the facility. Built with local and ecological materials, such as bamboo, the club minimised their impact. Maximizing the gifts of its beautiful location, Bastian Beach is designed to maximize natural light and cross ventilation, reducing the need for artificial lighting and climate control.  Renewable energy will be generated by solar panels installed by Club Natació Barcelona. The club’s furniture, including plush, circular pool beds, natural wooden tables, and an abundance of lounge chairs, is made from sustainable and durable materials, reducing the need for replacement and offering guests top-tier quality. And, of course, there’s a water filtration system—no plastic water bottles in this beacon of sophisticated sustainability.

The club also brings more than 300 jobs to Barcelona. Having begun from a partnership with Barceloneta’s famed Natació Club, plans to celebrate the local character with the sophistication and luxury that Costa Este is known for.

Luxury for All

Bastian Beach Club Barcelona
Photo by Futur2 for Bastian Beach

Being a non-members club means Bastian Beach is open to everyone. The club’s design is multi-leveled, with different pools and green areas (in addition to their gastronomy experience and activity area). Visitors can come solo, as a couple, or reserve a lounge area for a group of friends. Socialization is at the club's heart and can be felt in every element, including round tables and plush sofas or long wooden tables for larger parties in the culinary area. Like Barcelona, Bastian Beach celebrates what brings us all together: love for nature, fun, and each other. Of course, the quality of dining matches the quality of drinking, and you’ll be sure to find top-shelf liquors for your favourite cocktails.

A Nod to the Old with a Jump Into the New

Bastian Beach Club Barcelona
Photo by Futur2 for Bastian Beach

The name says it all; more than recognizing its location, Bastian Beach calls to an earlier idea for Barceloneta, a dream for luxurious spaces where people could comfortably socialise — a destination for the Catalan elite. Bastian Beach takes its name from a Catalan businessman who wanted to model the beach after the Basque coastal town of San Sebastian, which was then a meeting place for Europeans, thanks to its gastronomy, spas, and dance halls. Today, Bastian Beach realizes that dream, building a club that encapsulates luxury and elevates the Barceloneta neighbourhood.

Beginning with a Bang

Costa Este brings veteran development expertise to Bastian Beach, and just a few months after its inauguration, it will be a key venue for the emblematic America's Cup of Sailing, the third-largest sporting event in the world by audience. As the most significant event hosted by Barcelona this year, the America’s Cup of Sailing will immediately put Bastian Beach on the social map. The club will be the epicentre of social activities during the event and will offer the best viewpoint for the regattas.

Bastian Beach Club Barcelona
Photo by Futur2 for Bastian Beach

About Costa Este

Costa Este is internationally recognized for its exceptional experiences and has over thirty years of experience in various hospitality models. With a presence in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, and Marbella, Costa Este is responsible for creating and managing more than fifteen establishments, employing more than 1,000 workers and reaching a turnover of 80 million euros in 2022. Costa Este dedicates itself to exceptional experiences, constantly dedicated to making every day, every night, and every meal an extraordinary experience. Bastian Beach is the next step towards this excellence.


Costa Este website

Bastian Beach website

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