Portugal serves millions of international and domestic travellers every year. Tourists from across Europe, but especially the north, flock to Portugual’s lively cities, its many historic landmarks, its pristine beaches, and its majestic religious sites. As of 2019, Portugal had 27 million visitors. By far the most popular destinations were its capital Lisbon, its second city to the north, Porto, as well as the Algarve and Portuguese Riviera coasts, the islands of Madeira, and Sintra, Óbidos and Fátima. +

Best Restaurants in Lisbon
Best Restaurants in Lisbon: Our Guide to the Top Spots in 2023

We selected the best restaurants in Lisbon so that you do not have to worry about where to eat while visiting this gorgeous city. From the best nostalgic Fado restaurants to the top Michelin starred spots, we have it all here!

Best hotels on Portugal's Algarve coast Best Hotels in Algarve Portugal - Bela Vista Hotel & Spa
Spend the Holiday of your Life in Algarve: Our Guide to the Best Hotels

This time, the holiday hotel guide focuses on the Algarve, in the south of Portugal, where nature brings together the Atlantic Ocean with big waves for surfers and stunning sea views for sunshine seekers.

Best Hotels in Lisbon Portugal
The Best Hotels in Lisbon, Portugal for your next trip

A great option for a holiday or long weekend visit is the capital of Portugal: Lisbon. This destination has little to envy to other parts of the country such as the Algarve, or its Mediterranean neighbours. Here tourists will find a great gastronomic offer, museums, a historic centre with small streets to get lost in, and a wide range of luxury hotels to stay in. Check out our guide to get inspired!

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