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Breitling Endurance Pro

Breitling Endurance Pro

Breitling is actively positioning itself as an inclusive and sustainable luxury brand. Ditching million-dollar jet teams and the temptation of equally expensive sponsorship deals with motorsports, golf and the like, Breitling partnered with highly respected heroes of Triathlon: Daniela Ryf, Jan Frodeno and Chris “Macca” McCormack to create a watch specifically for athletes and triathletes.

Photo by Breitling

Their close collaboration resulted in the Endurance Pro, this featherweight sports watch powered by a highly accurate “thermocompensated” quartz movement with a stopwatch and date function to boot. Its slim and neatly proportioned case is crafted from Breitlight, Breitling’s lightweight polymer material, to ensure maximum wearing comfort during all sports activities. A heavy lump of metal or a tall watch often ends up beating up its wearer’s wrist — as well as its own precious exterior.

Breitling Watch
Photo by Breitling

The durable and comfy Endurance Pro is made available in five sporty colors with matching high-quality rubber straps: orange, yellow, red, blue, and white. Our suggestion: go with the white one because it goes with everything — just pick up a second strap in one of the brighter colors that you can swap on when you are in the mood.

The Breitling Endurance Pro costs $2,950.


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Words: David B.
Photos: Breitling

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