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A Manor Surrounded by Water

A Manor Surrounded by Water

Gut Üselitz
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On the Üselitz Manor estate, fruit trees over a hundred years old continue the cycle of nature, retreating in the cold and blooming in the warmer months, bearing ripe delicacies when the time is right. Surrounded and shaped by water, the estate is speckled with chairs where one can sit and admire the view, which is most comparable to an impressionistic painting.

Gut Üselitz
Photo by Ulrike Meutzner

With a history that goes back to 1553, the former Renaissance manor went from a state of ruin to being completely restored in 2011. Even the Üselitzer Wiek bay, which was drained to make room for agriculture, was flooded once more as a restorative measure to revive the original waterscape and its wildlife.

Inside the apartments are beautifully minimal with small decorative touches, allowing for quiet moments of reflection to remain undisturbed.

An Exclusive Manor Surrounded by Water
Photo by Ulrike Meutzner


An ideal place for celebrations, especially weddings, the quiet spaces are quickly filled with life, as Üselitz Manor transforms temporarily into a large private refuge for family and friends.

Üselitz Manor
Rügen, Germany


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Words: Feride Yalav-Heckeroth
Photo: Ulrike Meutzner

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