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Of course, hotels vary by style, region and place (not to mention stars). What one person might say is a luxury hotel, another might say is more a design hotel. Deciding on which hotel to book and which is right for you therefore needs careful consideration. Whether it’s the most luxurious room in Spain you’re after or a cozy home away from home on the coast of Portugal, our suggestions will help you decide.

Hotels and hospitality are, of course, as old as the human race. In ancient Greece, caring for and respecting travellers was considered a high moral duty and a sacred rule of the gods. As such ancient Greeks believed that strangers and travellers were god-sent. While in ancient Italy, places to stay and rest were commonplace near thermal baths and along ancient Rome’s highway system. The oldest hotel in the world, however, has been certified as Japan’s Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan, which stretches all the way back to 705.

Of course, NOBLE&STYLE is a lifestyle magazine devoted to exploring the worlds of culture, food and design. As such our editorial policy will prioritise hotels and accommodations that are innovative, beautiful, and unique in their own way. Scroll down to get inspired. We hope you enjoy your stay…

8 Capri Hotels For Your Ultimate Island Getaway

Capri is an island located in the Gulf of Naples just off the Sorrento Peninsula. A luxurious resort since the Romans, it is famed for its luxury shopping, its 5-star resorts, the Roman ruins of Villa Jovis, and its boutique hotels and restaurants. View our guide and get inspired!

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A small volcanic archipelago made up of four islands, of which only two are inhabited, is home to the Greek jewel of the Aegean: Santorini. The most famous island in the Cyclades -and also the most beautiful one for many people-, is characterized by its white houses and its world-famous blue domes. Discover our guide of the most breathtaking hotels on Santorini.

9 Unique Hotels at the Portuguese Algarve

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Exclusive Barcelona Hotels for the Perfect City Trip

In Barcelona, you’ll find luxury and boutique hotels right in the heart of the city. Spa, wellness and comfortable suites ensure the perfect city trip. Whether it’s a chic design hotel with modern, purist interior design or a luxury historic hotel – depending on your taste, you can find your dream hotel for a short vacation. Here are 12 luxury and design hotels that make your city trip to Barcelona unforgettable.

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6 Unique Destinations under the Arctic Sky

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