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Grand Resort Bad Ragaz: A Haven for Relaxation and Indulgence
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Grand Resort Bad Ragaz: A Haven for Relaxation and Indulgence

Alba Diaz
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

After a hectic office routine, consider spending your holiday walking through pine forests and flower-filled meadows, the Swiss Alps rising majestically around you. Crisp, clean air fills your lungs with each deep breath, and a sense of peace washes over you. This is the sublime natural setting of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. Nearby valleys dotted with storybook villages offer refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday responsibilities. Out here, you're free to heal yourself up. Stroll through woods blanketed in snow, watching your breath form feathery plumes. No blaring car horns or crowded cities – just the soothing sounds of a burbling stream and the rustle of trees.


 Grand Resort Bad Ragaz – Sleep in Old World Elegance


Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
The beautiful interior of the deluxe suite features elegant furnishings and luxurious decor.


When dusk falls, retire to your splendid accommodations in one of two 5-star hotels – Grand Hotel Quellenhof & Spa Suites or Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz. Sink into premium bedding dressed in silken sheets.

Crack the window to let in fresh mountain air and birdsong at sunrise. Watch the fading light bathe the Alps in unique pink hues at sunset. The 233 lavish rooms and suites charm with classic details like chandeliers, marble baths and dark wood furnishings. Yet, modern amenities like rainfall showers, iPod docks and free Wi-Fi pamper you in subtle luxury.  Floor-to-ceiling windows frame the breathtaking mountain panoramas perfectly. This is Alpine elegance at its finest.

Try the Healing Thermal Waters

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
The Helenabad at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz was Europe's first indoor swimming pool and was opened as early as 1872.


Beneath the resort lies its pièce de résistance — the thermal waters of Tamina Gorge. According to lore, medieval knights first discovered the hot spring's restorative properties. The mineral-rich waters well up from the mountain depths at body temperature, unchanged for centuries. You can experience their soothing warmth first-hand in the spa's pools and whirlpool baths.

Over 13,000 resplendent square meters of spa facilities give you ample room to steep yourself in these curative waters. Muscles unlock, and tension melts away as you relax into the womb-like embrace.

Restore Your Body and Spirit

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
The Tamina Thermal Baths at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz are remarkable not only due to their mountainous surroundings.

Customized therapy programs help you target everything from reduced stress to enhanced vitality to blissful relaxation. For the ultimate experience, reserve a spa package combining different pampering treatments.

After your treatments, continue soaking in the spa's pièce de résistance —the thermal bathing area. Melt into exclusive speciality baths, like the Swarovski crystal steam room. Cycle through experiential showers that mimic everything from warm tropical rain to incredible Alpine waterfalls. You'll emerge feeling wholly renewed, your pores cleansed, and your skin glowing. The timeless thermal waters work their magic within and without.

Savour Culinary Excellence

The restaurant Memories by Sven Wassmer offers a view into the open kitchen.

With your body and spirit smoothly humming, it's time to delight your taste buds at one of seven extraordinary restaurants.

The resort collectively holds 6 Michelin stars and 18 GaultMillau points — a world-class culinary destination. Memories restaurant alone boasts an astounding Sven Wassmer’s 3 Michelin stars for its reinvented Alpine cuisine. Each dish looks like a miniature work of art.

For a convivial fine dining experience, book a table at the avant-garde, two-Michelin-starred restaurant IGNIV. Creative shared plates encourage friendly interaction. Or opt for Mediterranean flavours at Olives d'Or, Asian cuisine at Namun, or Swiss specialities at Zollstube. Wherever you dine, expect masterful cuisine crafted with regional ingredients to create heavenly flavour combinations. You'll remember these unique meals, where inspired cooking meets impeccable service.

Your Turn!

Plan your Alpine escape today by exploring the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz website. Why wait?

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz AG
Pfäferserstrasse 8
CH-7310 Bad Ragaz


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