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Julia Komp’s Insider Guide to Marrakesh
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Julia Komp’s Insider Guide to Marrakesh

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Early on in her career, Julia Komp was confident that she was going to make waves as a chef, but even she could not have imagined just how successful she would become at such a young age. Having been awarded her first Michelin Star at the age of 27, Julia now has her eyes firmly set on the future. Julia’s new restaurant, Sahila, is inspired by her recent world tour.

Your work has taken you all over the world. What’s your favourite city? And what are the top 5 spots in this city you’d recommend to your best friend when he or she’s in town?

If I have to decide on one city, I would go for Marrakech. Life there is modern, but traditions are also very visible in the city. Not only the newer area of the city is lively, but also the old town is a place full of experiences and inspiration.

My top five:

The Medina

The old part of the city with its small alleys that you can get lost in.

The Riads

There you experience silence and sometimes hear the refreshing sound of a water fountain.

Le Tanjia Restaurant

Near the spice market. The view from the terrasse is amazing. I recommend going there for sunset.

The newer part of the city

With its nightclubs and restaurants.

The Palmeraie

Where you also find some large hotels. I love to go jogging there. It is a true oasis.

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