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Maison Francis Kurkdjian, the Perfumes That Capture Parisian Chic
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Maison Francis Kurkdjian, the Perfumes That Capture Parisian Chic

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In the realm of haute parfumerie, Maison Francis Kurkdjian stands as a beacon of Parisian chic, encapsulating an elegance that whispers tales of French savoir-faire and the joie de vivre that pulses through the heart of Paris. The narrative of this fragrance dynasty began in 2009, when Francis Kurkdjian, in partnership with Marc Chaya, Co-founder and President of the fragrance house, embarked on a visionary quest. Their collective dream was to capture the soul of Paris in a bottle, an ambition rooted in Kurkdjian’s prolific fifteen-year journey through the aromatic realms of luxury perfumery. As the architect behind iconic scents such as Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male, Kurkdjian's influence extends through collaborations with over forty esteemed labels, including Yves Saint Laurent and Dior, marking his indelible impact on the world of scent.

Kurkdjian's odyssey in perfumery is driven by a genuine passion and unwavering commitment to the artisanal traditions of scent creation while simultaneously pioneering olfactory innovations that redefine the boundaries of the imaginable. His creations are a testament to a life dedicated to the pursuit of olfactory perfection, from a precocious realization of his destiny as a perfumer to groundbreaking achievements in contemporary fragrance design.

Marc Chaya and Francis Kurkdjian
Marc Chaya, Co-founder and President of the fragrance house with Francis Kurkdjian


The 3 Most Iconic Perfumes of Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Maison Francis KurkdjianAQUA UNIVERSALIS

That feeling of well-being from a freshly washed and ironed white shirt. Aqua Universalis is the definition we would find if this perfume had a place in the dictionary. Although it was one of the brand's first creations, it continues to treasure the refreshing and timeless imprint of cologne water. Its bottle holds a bright and invigorating scent, the kind to which we all return at some point.

Its olfactory pyramid breaks with a citrus and luminous opening; its body gives way to the subtlety of fresh white flowers and settles on the skin through Moroccan rose, Egyptian jasmine, and musk, characteristic of clean scents. Undoubtedly, the significance of this perfume is not how it smells but how it makes us feel.


Maison Francis KurkdjianOUD SATIN MOOD

As a perfumer who blends the most artisanal perfumery with the latest techniques, the French house could not fail to pay homage to the black gold of perfumery, one of the most valuable raw materials used since ancient times: oud wood.

Just as any satin garment does, this Eau de parfum mixes the lightness of Bulgarian rose and violet notes with the accords of Styrax and Turkish rose to finally let the luxury of Laos Oud, Benzoin, and vanilla shine. It is a floral amber woody fragrance full of depth for those seeking to suspend time.


Maison Francis Kurkdjian


Born from a collaboration with Baccarat, the iconic French crystalware brand, and not in just any manner: the red colour of its glass bottle emerges from gradually melting transparent crystal with 24-karat gold powder, from which rouge à l’or (red made of gold) is obtained.

Inspired by the crystal fusion process, this creation is iconic because of the magic with which its floral, amber, and woody notes blend: jasmine, saffron, Ambroxan, and red cedar. Over the years, this mysterious creation has become the most admired work of the Maison and has been described as the perfume of the angels.

And although all comparisons are odious, we could say that the Eiffel Tower is to Paris what Baccarat Rouge 540 is to the French perfume house: an emblem that continues to gain followers, both on the street and on social networks. So much so that this characteristic scent already has an olfactory legacy, known as Rouge perfumes.

In short, the juices of Maison Francis Kurkdjian possess that je ne sais quoi, that innate French elegance that envelops and captivates anyone who approaches one of their fragrances, just as the streets of Paris do.



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