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Kylian Mbappé X Hublot Collaboration – Where Excellence Meets Integrity
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Kylian Mbappé X Hublot Collaboration – Where Excellence Meets Integrity

Kylian Mbappé knows only too well what it takes to carve a career that is successful, passionate and brimming with excellence. Regarded as one of the world’s greatest footballers, it came as no surprise to us when we heard that he was collaborating with the equally creative and virtuous Hublot to bring us a range of classic yet contemporary timepieces that combine the brands creativity with the footballers integrity. 



Speaking about his collaboration, Kylian said “It was an honour to work on this project, to address the relationship we have with time. I love simplicity, and the beauty of lasting things that have soul”. 

We are sure that the uncompromising talents of Hublots creative director Ezra Petronio and the strong values of Kylian Mbappé combined will bring us one of the most honest and iconic ranges to date.


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