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Poetry In Form: Rado True Square Balances Art and Design
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Poetry In Form: Rado True Square Balances Art and Design

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With two new timepieces from the Rado True Square series, Rado opens the door to a world of magical suggestions balancing between tradition and dreams, in the hi-tech ceramic frame of the cases and bracelets.

Once again, Rado delights us with new artistic interpretations of its Rado True Square, a watch with beautifully retro lines, with its stylistic references to the 1970s, where the sinuous shape of the rounded square case almost becomes a frame for its contents, in a continuous proliferation of flashes of creativity.

Prominent designers from all over the world are invited to provide their own interpretation of what a watch looks like and how it represents itself, and this is what places Rado in a different realm from the usual watchmaking offerings.

The play of the hands in delicate pastel colours on the Over the Abyss becomes hypnotic and almost dreamlike.

Rado True Square x Thukral & Tagra, Over the Abyss 

The duo of Indian artists Thukrai and Tagra, active in New Delhi, instead follow a different path. Here the inspiration is represented by a convolution of hands, like the delicate arms of a marine echinoderm, in soft shades of blue and pink, which seem to hover and swim undisturbed in the dark blue ocean of the dial and case.

Rado True Square
Thukral & Tagra

In these two editions, we look through the eyes of the Eastern world, seeking inspiration in China and India that reach a dreamlike dimension. Where the measurement of time, in reality, is just a detail.

The play of the hands, in perpetual slow motion, becomes almost organic and hypnotic. Reminding us of an underwater world and the mysterious and spectacular creatures that inhabit it.

The price of the watch is 2710€. You can find more information at

Rado True Square
The True Heart's charged yellow hands represent the arms of the lever scale, a symbol of honesty and righteousness.

Rado True Square x Yuan Youmin, True Heart 

Inspired by the lever scale, the ancient Chinese weighing machine, the True Heart was designed by Yuan Toumin, a highly refined Chinese designer who knows how to combine the suggestions of a millenary culture with minimalism reminiscent of Bauhaus. 

And his timepiece, with its delicate, essential indexes in a warm yellow colour, becomes a testament to this culture that is both original and fusion at the same time.

The price of the watch is 2110€. You can find more information at

Rado True Square
Yuan Youmin

Mechanical movements, hi-tech materials

Both timepieces share the same heart, the automatic calibre R763, with 25 jewels and 80-hour power reserve, and the hi-tech ceramic case and bracelet, a constant signature of Rado's production, making them, more than a timepiece, an expression of style.


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