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3 Classic Long Drinks That You Can Make at Home
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3 Classic Long Drinks That You Can Make at Home

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Classic long drinks have always had a place on the menu. As an apéritif to dinner, or a perfect alternative to wines or beers, a good, classic long drink is a cornerstone of a good night of entertainment. We compiled three of our favourite classic long drink cocktail recipes that are light, fresh, and quickly served in your home. 

classic long drinks munich mule
Photo: The Munich Mule

The Munich Mule

This classic long drink is a perfect representation of the German city’s flourishing cocktail scene, a select group of gin bars pushing forward new possibilities with the botanic liqueur. But we decided to keep it simple and fresh with this one… Fill your highball glass with chunky ice cubes, pour over a dash of lemon juice (1-2cl), add 5cl of gin, stir, and then top with spicy ginger beer. Garnish with a long cucumber peel (and a piece of candied ginger).


    • 1-2cl fresh lemon juice
    • 5cl gin
    • 8-10cl ginger beer
    • For garnish: fresh cucumber peel
    • Optional: candied ginger garnish
classic long drinks Shirley Temple non alcoholic
Photo: The Shirley Temple

The Shirley Temple  

Classic long drinks aren’t always about the alcohol, of course. This one goes all the way back to 1930s Hollywood, named after its eponymous child movie star, with its distinctive colour gained from the bitter-sweet grenadine. A fresh long drink that’s perfect for sipping as the days get longer. Fill a glass with cubed ice, mix half lemonade with ginger ale, add a dash of lemon juice, a splash of grenadine for colour and garnish with a sprig of mint. One of the most popular long drinks!


    • 1 part fresh lemonade (preferably cloudy or ‘homemade’)
    • 1 part ginger ale
    • ¼ lemon juice
    • Dash of grenadine
    • Garnish: sprig of fresh mint
classic long drinks Cuatro Mismo
Photo: The Cuatro Mismo

The Cuatro Mismo

A classic long drink with a rum base that’s as easy and laid back as its native Caribbean roots. The name literally means ‘the same', as in: “I’ll have the same”. And with just three fresh, crisp ingredients, who could blame them? Get your highball glass, fill it with ice cubes, pour 50ml of gold rum, top with soda, let it rest for a moment and then garnish with a wedge (or two) of lime. Maybe squeezing the juice of one in and around the rim. Enjoy.


    • 5cl high quality gold rum
    • 15cl soda or sparkling mineral water
    • Garnish: lime wedge


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