Michelino Gioia is an accomplished executive chef with over 30 years of experience in the food industry dating back to 1991. He has held executive chef roles since 2003, dedicating himself to driving significant results.

Gioia believes in collaborating with companies that share his vision and values, enabling him to achieve both corporate and personal goals over his long tenures. Thanks to his team's dedication, he has successfully launched startups and met key financial and recognition milestones.

His culinary philosophy focuses on tradition, local ingredients, seasonality, technique and simplicity. Gioia finds inspiration in beautiful, quality things and aims to create memorable dining experiences with passion and enthusiasm.

Seeking new challenges to further apply his skills, Gioia remains open to industry connections and collaborations. He believes teamwork is essential for extraordinary outcomes. With decades of expertise, Gioia continues to grow as a chef focused on achieving results.

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