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5 Natural & Healthy Skin Solutions
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5 Natural & Healthy Skin Solutions

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Be it technology or cosmetics. There’s not enough time to learn how and why every product we use works. Occasionally we just need someone we trust entirely to tell us they do. Take aeroplanes: do you know how they fly? Probably not, but you trust someone does. Skin care is similar. You don’t need the ins-and-outs, just the processes and products that work.

For simplicity, stick to a three-step regime once or twice a day: cleanse, tone and moisturize. Skin care-obsessed South Koreans believe in 7 steps, but I’m going to assume you don’t have a spare hour for such an undertaking.

As for products, don’t succumb to decision fatigue at the store because we’ve done the heavy lifting. These summer skin solutions below look to science and nature for answers that will leave your skin healthy and energized throughout summer.


As the name suggests, a cleanser thoroughly cleans your skin. It’s about unclogging your pores of all the grime that’s accumulated over the day. You’d be surprised how much clings to and burrows into your pores, particularly in polluted cities. Dirt, adieu. Oil, au revoir. Dead skin, sayonara. Your face is ready for the party to come.

Photo by Haeckels

Haeckels – Marine Facial Cleanser

Haeckels was born along England’s coast in a town called Margate. Founder and volunteer beach warden Dom Bridges collected seaweed and local plants on the beach, concocting skincare products in his kitchen while a casserole cooked on the stove. The brand has come a long way in eight years (far fewer home experiments, we’re guessing) but the Marine Facial Cleanser is one of many examples of its seaward roots.


Summer Skin Solutions
Photo by Susanne Kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann – Cleansing Gel Line M

While growing up in the Austrian Alps, Susanne Kaufmann’s grandmother taught her all about the natural healing properties of local plants. As a result, her namesake brand utilises plant power while doing as little damage to their ecosystem as possible. Ingredients are sourced locally from the Bregenzerwald Alpine region. The packaging is mostly glass and some recycled and locally sourced plastic. Solar energy is used to power production. Kaufmann even offers tours of the production site so consumers can see where and how the products are made.



Any unwelcome stragglers refusing to exit your pores despite the polite efforts of your cleanser will be removed during step two. But a toner provides more than an additional deep clean. From hydrating your skin and restoring its natural pH balance to smoothing skin and tightening pores, toners carry out a lot of essential tasks. Again, the order here isn’t accidental, and a toner will prepare your skin for the next step.

Summer Skin Solutions
Photo by Nazan Schnapp

Nazan Schnapp – Luminous Youth Diamond Essence

Nazan Schnapp claims to have “an intense drive to create beautiful and useful things.” NOBLE&STYLE believes beauty, utility, and responsibility are essential to well-crafted modern products. These are on the luxury end of the cosmetic scale, but they’re also natural, vegan, and free from chemicals and toxins.



Unlike toners, even those new to skincare routines will probably have used a moisturizer. Its purpose is simple, to provide and maintain the skin’s moisture. Modern moisturizers set themselves apart with various additional benefits. They can reduce signs of ageing, bring down blemishes, soften, add radiance and more.

Photo by Verso

Verso – Day Cream

Verso champions quality over quantity, using few ingredients of an undeniably high standard. If you’re wondering what those hard-to-pronounce ingredients are up to, Verso gives a detailed explanation of each one’s role in its products. It takes the mystery out of skin care, providing a valuable education for those looking to improve their skin condition without stabbing wildly in the dark.


All-In-One Travel Kit

For those of us who aren't sure precisely what to pick, or have more complex needs than just one or two creams, an all-in-one kit is the best way to ensure a stress-free holiday!

Summer Skin Solutions
Photo by L:A Bruket

L:A Bruket – 237 Face Travel Kit

For a quick, all-in-one summer skin solution, the L:A Bruket Face Travel Kit has got you sorted. It contains three different natural face products: No 187 Fennel Seed Facial Wash is for the deep cleanse; No 099 Facial Toner & Refresher purifies any leftover dead skin and balances your PH-Level; and No 186 Facial Cream Light Chamomile/Lavender, is an antioxidant cream that will leave you smelling as good as you feel.


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