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Top Home Gym Equipment by Luxury Fitness Brands
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Top Home Gym Equipment by Luxury Fitness Brands

TechnoGym x Dior - Luxury Home Gym Equipment

Picking the best home gym equipment will help you redefine your fitness routine and stay healthy during these ambiguous times we are living in. Temporarily turning our homes into small-scale exercise studios was a trend well before 2020. But, for obvious reasons, more and more people are now experiencing working out at home.

But why do a lot of exercise tools and sports equipment that are available right now look like they’re still stuck in the 80s? It’s pretty difficult to find workout gear that is devoid of neon colours, synthetic materials and amorphous shapes. Many designs practically scream when in reality, a much more toned-down atmosphere is what most people need to concentrate on their workout.

Thankfully, though, this is changing. With a new year, a new aesthetic is coming along, and these brands are helping to define it. Through an approach in product design that emphasizes minimal lines, the use of quality industrial and natural materials, and placing craftsmanship at the center, the results are a new luxurious perspective on home fitness you didn’t know was even possible. These pieces are art for your home and art for your body. After all, it’s not just your body that wants to have a sleek, defined look.

What are the luxury brands for high-end best home gym equipment?

After a throughout and meticulous research, we have chosen the following exclusive twelve brands for our luxury best home gym equipment recommendations.

Their finest products will help you design your stylish, expensive and modern home gym.

In this article, we suggest the top high-end luxury best home gym equipment from the above-mentioned brands that will add an air of sophistication to your fitness routine. By the way, we know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so our high-res home gym photos won’t let you down.

high end gym equipment - Kenko Set B Walnut
Photo by Kenkō

Kenkō – Set B Walnut

The Berlin brand Kenkō manufactures beautiful fitness products from their workshop on the southern, lush green outskirts of the German capital Their creations are showcased and sold in their brand new, minimalist design studio in the art gallery district of Berlin-Mitte. The brand champions a return to the natural form, using materials such as walnut or maple wood alongside cork and polished stainless steel in geometrical shapes.

From individual sport equipment to larger sets, our favourite has to be the ‘Set B' in Walnut. It includes their 1 kg dumbbell set, their range of expanders, their maple push-up devices, and the Kenkō cork and steel massage ball (which can be filled with warm water for extra soothing post-work out recovery) — all housed in a stylish maple wood storage system that goes well in any room.


stylish gym equipment - VAHA (Fitness Mirror)
Photo by VAHA

VAHA – Fitness Mirror

Perhaps the most futuristic of our selection, the VAHA Fitness Mirror is a first: a near-life size virtual trainer that incorporates artificial intelligence to improve your workout. Containing over 200 exercises — from HIIT to yoga which are created by high-end personal trainers like Nikeata Thompson, Natalie Ismail, or Michael Byrne — the virtual trainer is transported into your work out space via the mirror like a hologram and gives immediate feedback and encouragement on your movements as you work out in front of it.

However, if you prefer a personal connection, VAHA has you covered with their option of booking live 1-hour personal classes with coaches to train 1-on-1. Naturally, you can also integrate your apps and services — from YouTube to Spotify — to supplement your workout or use the VAHA itself for different purposes. The future is here, everyone – and it’s looking right back at you.


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luxury fitness brand - Armani (Pump & Plage Collections)
Photo by Armani

Armani – Pump & Plage Collections

The house of Giorgio Armani needs no introduction, yet the brand’s foray into the world of home fitness and luxurious sports equipment is worth mentioning in our best home gym equipment list.

As part of the Armani/Casa 2020 collection, their made-in-Italy luxe PUMP selection is composed of a pair of 1 kg dumbbells, a jump rope with adjustable length housed in a GA logo dust bag, as well as a 190 cm yoga matt made from black antislip rubbered fabric and leatherette with belt and metal buckles for transport. Meanwhile, PLAGE is Armani/Casa’s collection for outside (and maybe the warmer months), composed of a ping pong paddle crafted from wood, a ball and eco-leather case, and a pair of beach tennis rackets with a net case.


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exclusive exercise equipment - NOHrD (Sprintbok)
Photo by NOHrD

NOHrD – Sprintbok

Another German brand specializing in sports equipment made from natural materials is NOHrD. Based in northern Germany (which inspired the company’s name), as you might expect, NOHrD’s products are eco-minded, from the sustainably sourced German and American wood right down to the leather that’s sourced locally and tanned using natural, vegetable tanning techniques. With products spanning strength, cardio, coordination, as well as an elegant all-in-one wall solution, our personal luxury best home gym equipment highlight is the curved manual treadmill — the Sprintbok.

The latest product in their portfolio of best home gym equipment is unique not only with its materials — wooden slats and metal ball bearings housed in an elegant wooden frame of your choice — the running level is also completely self-determined by the runner. No programmes, no wires, no electricity. The energy you put in directly correlates to the response you get back, which results in a 30% higher calorie burn. Additionally, the simplicity and elegance of the design means NOHrD’s Sprintbok is a maintenance free machine — no oiling, greasing, or belt-tightening needed.


Ulysse Martel Dumbell - Luxury Home Gym Equipment
Ulysse Martel | Photo by Raphaëlle Mueller

Ulysse Martel — Olympia Dumbbell

Ulysse Martel is a creative consultancy based in Switzerland headed by its eponymous designer, who also, along with architect Candice Joyce Blanc, created these futuristic, pearlescent pieces of home sports equipment. This Olympia set consists of a trio of dumbbells, along with push up bars and a two-handed dumbbell. The equipment’s design process drew inspiration from the pursuit of bodily perfection against a backdrop of scientific progression and genetics which, according to the designers, will soon leave the pursuit of bodily perfection “superfluous”.

Architectural in their lines and crafted from pearlescent lacquered steel reminiscent of early millennial car tuning, “left to rest, these dumbbells become genuine sculptures,” says Martel. Winner of the 2020 German Design Awards, the entire project was carried out in Switzerland and available at Nov Gallery in Geneva. Here’s hoping they enter a more large-scale production soon…


high end home fitness equipment - Ciclotte Bike Teckell
Photo by Ciclotte

Ciclotte – Bike Teckell

The French may have made cycling into a sport, but the Italians made the sport beautiful. At least that’s a view held by those who know their Tour from their Giro. So it’s not surprising to see an Italian company doing exactly that when it comes to indoor cycling. Ciclotte’s Bike Teckell (in fact, Ciclotte’s entire product range) may be the most beautiful set of indoor cycling machines ever made. So, how could we not include it in our best luxury best home gym equipment selection?

Inspired by the Ciclò Monocycle held in the Italian Design Museum in Milan, their signature design features a large core circle for the body and twin carbon handlebar pins. The Teckell, however, takes it further, using transparent strengthened crystal for the body. Their transmission incorporates magnetism for a more faithful reproduction of the road racing feel, while a dedicated app provides speed and distance info, and allows for full integration with your phone and tablet.


fancy gym equipment - Classic Wall Bars by maxwall
Photo by maxwall

maxwall – Classic Wall Bars

The clue is in the name: a classic wall-mounted gym designed with both beauty and practicality as way points. “I have used my knowledge as a designer and personal trainer in the development of the maxwall,” says Max Kant, CEO and designer of the maxwall, from his base in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg. The core product is crafted from beech wood, light or dark oiled with polished steel or brass fittings, however, you can also add a bench, dip bars and grip sets to really optimize your workout. An essential, understated yet elegant addition to your workout space and your home.

TechnoGym x Dior - MyRun connected treadmill, Bench & Ball - designer workout equipment
Photo by TechnoGym x Dior

TechnoGym x Dior – MyRun connected treadmill, Bench & Ball, 3 Luxury Best Home Gym Equipment in 1 collection

TechnoGym is a match made in wellness heaven. A flawless combination of Dior’s elegance and TechnoGym’s innovation, the collection of fitness products offers a stylish and compact solution for your luxury home gym.

The exclusive range was designed to inspire a happier, healthier life that promotes physical fitness and wellness. With the equipment’s sleek, monochromatic designs and signature Dior accents, a healthy lifestyle has never looked so irresistible, as you could observe in this article header video.

Featuring three unique fitness products, the collaboration provides you with a multitude of exercise options that can be performed from the comfort of your own high-end home gym. Each piece of equipment can be linked to TechnoGym’s convenient workout app, which boasts an expansive personal trainer-approved workout library, via smartphone or tablet.

• Fitness and fashion enthusiasts can upgrade their luxury home gym with the stylish yet quiet TechnoGym MyRun connected treadmill. Embellished with an elegant Christian Dior logo and thin horizontal stripes, the treadmill also comes with an allotted slot for tablets.

• The cutting-edge multifunctional TechnoGym Bench allows users to perform over 200 exercises with its clever built-in storage system for dumbbells, resistance bands, and knuckles.

• Last, but certainly not least, the TechnoGym ball is simultaneously a piece of exercise equipment and a wellness tool. Designed to keep users moving at any time of the day, the ball can be used during workouts or as a chic alternative to an office chair. It comes with an exercise program that enhances flexibility, balance, and muscle tone.

Both Luxury Fitness Brands are committed to creating high quality luxury best home gym equipment that is designed with an extraordinary level of attention-to-detail. That’s why the equipment is exclusively produced in Italy at the TechnoGym Village. This limited-edition collection is only available at Dior Vibe pop stores in select cities across Asia, Europe, and the US, but we’re hoping its success may lead to a more permanent range and a placement in your luxury home gym.

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Luxury best home gym equipment accessories

Did you know that home gym accessories are all about the motivation for your fitness session? When you surround yourself with a few favourite items that go with your style, lifting weights and Bhujangasana somehow seem easier.



Lululemon Jumping Rope

Lululemon's training gear is designed to support you through any workout. It's made from durable braided steel with a protective coating and features soft, grippy aluminium handles that are comfortable to hold. The built-in bearings keep transitions smooth and it adjusts to your perfect length.

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Lululemon Terry Yoga Mat Towel

This towel is made from moisture-wicking, quick-drying terry. Its underside grips, corner pockets and strap keep it in place and secure it to mat.

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best home gym equipment
Adidas by Stella McCartney

Adidas by Stella McCartney Yoga Mat

This soft yoga mat was created by Stella McCartney in collaboration with Adidas. It includes a carry-strap with logo.

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best home gym equipment

Lululemon Lift and Lenghten Yoga Block

Designed to help ease your stretches, wheater you're seated or standing, while reducing pressure on your muscles and joints. Made from dense, marbled EVA that's easy to wipe clean.

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Adidas by Stella McCartney

Adidas by Stella McCartney Resistance Bands

Adidas by Stella McCartney's bands are made from recycled knit fabric that range in resistance, so you can swap each one out depending on your workout. They're stitched with the brand's logo appliqué and come with a convenient carrying case that makes them easy to travel with and store.

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The stylish recovery session, the NOBLE&STYLE way

Don't underestimate the recovery after your gym session. It's the last and crucial phase of your fitness program that will make or break your progress. And we mean “break” in a literal way: if you omit the recovery phase, you're risking suffering injuries.

Yes, we know you are itching to repeat the workout in your new-equipped luxury gym. But, first, you must allow your muscles to repair themselves. We have two suggestions to speed up your recovery time:


best home gym equipment

Theragun PRO Massager by Therabody

A professional-grade percussive therapy massager ideal for stimulating muscle recovery, releasing the tension, and minimizing discomfort.

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best home gym equipment black Recovery Ball by Nike - The stylish recovery session

Black Recovery Ball by Nike

It is shaped to provide a concentrated massage with a textured surface to target specific muscle areas. It’s made from durable rubber that helps enhance pressure. Its 5” diameter will allow you to take it with you in your gym bag.

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Luxury Best Home Gym Equipment: The Bottom Line

The beauty of your home is fundamental. It encourages you to thrive, be it by improving decorations to brighten up your home, by fitting out your home gym with a beautiful piece of high-end equipment, or even by looking for some exciting design books for insightful coffee table conversations.

We firmly believe in refining our living spaces in style and grace, no matter in what kind of habitation you live in: a stylish gym in a pent, a treadmill by an exclusive fitness brand in a basement, or a workout-focused living room. That's exactly why we've brought you our selection of the luxury best home gym equipment. We hope you found something that will bring not only your home gym but also your workout to the next level.

Words: Jack Drummond


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