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The Ösch Noir Restaurant, Where French Cuisine Meets Modern Innovation
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The Ösch Noir Restaurant, Where French Cuisine Meets Modern Innovation

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The award-winning restaurant Ösch Noir opened in 2018 and is located in the 5-star superior resort Der Öschberghof.

Ösch Noir celebrates French haute cuisine and is characterized by its unique ambience. It is one of six restaurants in the luxury resort, which includes 127 stylishly furnished hotel rooms and suites, as well as a 5000-square-meter spa area and three golf courses. The quality of the Ösch Noir meets the very highest culinary expectations as well as the high demands of the luxury hotel and golf resort Öschberghof.

The Ösch Noir is a true culinary jewel in the Öschberghof and a must-visit for gourmet lovers and connoisseurs. It is the top location for fine dining in the Black Forest, not only because of its innovative culinary interpretations, but also because of its stylish interior. Ösch Noir was awarded two Michelin stars in 2021, and these were reaffirmed in 2022. In addition, the Ösch Noir received a Gault-Millau award in 2022 with three red hoods. Given these numerous high-profile awards, it goes without saying that a table at Ösch Noir is highly coveted.

The Ösch Noir Restaurant

The beginnings of the Ösch Noir

Since Ösch Noir opened in 2018, the team led by Michelin-starred chef Manuel Ulrich has been working to create a menu of French delicacies that not only represents unique culinary skills, but also offers guests an innovative, overall gastronomic experience.

Ulrich's team demonstrates sophistication with their innovative interpretations of culinary classics, allowing guests to share in the creation of these gourmet works of art: Guests can follow the preparation of the dishes through to completion from the restaurant by peering into the glass kitchen.

The Ösch Noir Restaurant

Ösch Noir’s chef Manuel Ulrich

Born in 1986 in nearby Heidenhofen, Manuel Ulrich is considered a shooting star among top chefs, not least because he now runs one of the region's most successful restaurants. He discovered his passion for cooking at a young age. Thanks to his growing interest in the culinary arts, Ulrich decided to train as a chef. He learned at the Öschberghof, then went to the Burg Hotel in Oberlech, where his enthusiasm for fine dining was solidified. In 2016, he was drawn to Hamburg to the Haerlin restaurant at the Fairmont Vier Jahreszeiten. In 2017, Ulrich returned to his training ground and became the executive chef when Ösch Noir opened in 2018.

Working alongside star chefs such as Torsten Michel, Ulrich learned first-hand the key attributes of fine dining and honed his expertise as a top chef over time. Thanks to this experience, Ulrich and his team not only demonstrate top-notch culinary creativity with an excellent menu selection, Ulrich also invites his guests to participate in the creation of his artworks from the kitchen.

The menu features delicacies such as sweetbreads and Älbler lamb. “We cook with the finest and highest quality ingredients and give our dishes a modern, individual touch that allows us and our guests to identify with our dishes,” Ulrich explains. This love and passion for fine dining have undoubtedly helped him and Ösch Noir achieve an outstanding international reputation.


The Ösch Noir Restaurant

What Makes Ösch Noir so special?

The success of Ösch Noir cannot be attributed to the concept and the breathtakingly beautiful location alone. What makes this restaurant unique is the great combination of different criteria that complement each other perfectly and for which Ösch Noir is appreciated by its guests and by gastronomy experts alike.

The interior of the Ösch Noir

The picturesque location in the Black Forest and the exceptional elegance of the Öschberghof are renowned for their outstanding standards in the architecture and the furnishings at the Ösch Noir.

The luxurious setting at Ösch Noir is characterized by clean lines and modern design. Each seating group is separated by elegant glass ball chains, which create stylish lighting effects and ensure discretion. The impressive ambience is representative of the Black Forest's mighty, sky-high trees, as well as the morning dew that forms on the forest floor on a cool morning.

The Ösch Noir Restaurant

The Resort

Located in the rolling hills of Baar, the Öschberghof is an oasis of tranquillity – a perfect feel-good place to take a break from everyday life. With its 127 rooms and suites, an extensive spa and fitness area of the latest standard, three golf courses and a versatile selection of bars and restaurants, the Öschberghof combines a uniquely beautiful location with first-class gastronomy, luxury, and excellent service.


Hotel ÖschberghofÖsch NoirÖsch Noir Michelin Star DiningÖsch Noir Interiors

Les Grande Tables du Monde

Thanks to the Ösch Noir's renewed awarding of two Michelin stars, its reputation has once again been enhanced and it has been included in “Les Grandes Tables du Monde”. This prestigious association of top international restaurateurs includes 178 restaurants from 23 countries, and its members are among the world's best of the best. This recognition is proof of the outstanding work Ulrich and his team at Ösch Noir do on a daily basis.

The Ösch Noir Restaurant

The culinary variety at Ösch Noir

The restaurant offers two menus: the Noir menu and the Vert vegetarian menu. Both combine traditional French cuisine with modern top-class cuisine. Menu Noir dishes include, for example, sweetbreads with root vegetables and wild garlic, Älber lamb with chickpeas and mango, or carabinero with kohlrabi and lovage. Each dish is prepared and presented by Ulrich and his team with the utmost care, love, and dedication to the culinary arts.

The vegetarian Vert menu features cauliflower with kaffir lime and calamansi and taleggio with pear, red currant, yarrow, and walnut, among others. Both menus are an absolute treat for the palate, with excellent ingredients and preparation.

Chef-Sommelier Michael Häni
Sommelier Michael Häni

The wine list at Öschberghof was compiled by head sommelier Michael Häni and includes more than 1600 national and international wines. These include fine wines from renowned wineries as well as Häni's personal insider tips, which he recommends to guests during a knowledgeable and entertaining wine accompaniment. A juice accompaniment by sous chef Julian Lechner is also offered as a non-alcoholic alternative.

Considering the love of culinary arts, the passion for top gastronomy as well as the creative mastery of the Ösch Noir, with which its guests are culinarily spoiled, the repeated award of the Ösch Noir with Michelin stars is truly not surprising. Since Manuel Ulrich and his team do not rest on their laurels, it’s clear that the Ösch Noir will continue to serve its guests' first-class top cuisine long in the future.


Ösch Noir

Golfplatz 1

78166 Donaueschingen, Germany



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