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OMEGA Starts off 2022 with a Historic Speedmaster Tribute in Canopus Gold
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OMEGA Starts off 2022 with a Historic Speedmaster Tribute in Canopus Gold

Celebrating the 65th anniversary of the very first Speedmaster, also known as reference CK2915-1, the new OMEGA Speedmaster 321 Canopus Gold is a highly luxurious and refined tribute both inside and out, down to its historically accurate movement.

Who knew something with a name as convoluted as CK2915-1 is worth celebrating? Well, everyone at OMEGA and the dedicated Speedmaster fans certainly did! You will understand in the matter of just a few minutes why – and by doing so, you will see how the OMEGA Speedmaster 321 Canopus Gold, the tribute to the CK2915-1, came to be and why it is so very luxurious.

Canopus Gold
65 years lie between the original Speedmaster and its most modern tribute.

The watch enthusiast community loves a good debate – but outside the realm of even the most far-fetched discussion topics is the fact that the Speedmaster belongs among the true icons of watchmaking history. The Speedmaster is a chronograph wristwatch with a 65-year history that deserves to be celebrated: It is acclaimed both for its clear-cut design and comfy wear, as well as for its extraordinary engineering that enabled it to eventually fill roles in various NASA space missions, including, but not limited to, mankind’s first steps on the moon. 

A black onyx dial, historically accurate OMEGA logo and the grand feu bezel markings complete the picture with superb levels of refinement.

The OMEGA Speedmaster 321 Canopus Gold combines a historically accurate movement with OMEGA’s novel and exclusive 18ct gold alloy.


Once you glance at the aptly named “broad arrow” hour hand, you can immediately tell that the 1957 original, the CK2915-1 is a pre-NASA Speedmaster. The famous reference 105.012 that accompanied Apollo astronauts on several early missions (and the earlier reference 105.003 that NASA used in its testing of chronographs) had narrow, thin hands, ditching these heavy and characterful broad arrow hands. So by buying the new OMEGA Speedmaster 321 Canopus Gold, you are wearing a tribute to the very genesis of the Speedmaster – admirably reaching over a decade further back in its history than many of your fellow watch lovers tend to go… And we are all for that connoisseur-level of taste and expertise.

Speaking of which, we wouldn’t be content without the beating heart of the Speedmaster 321 Canopus Gold being historically accurate, too. You see, in 2019 OMEGA relaunched the highly exclusive, faithful-to-the-original production of its Caliber 321 in a dedicated workshop inside its factory in Bienne. Calibre 321 is hugely important because it was the original movement inside the Speedmaster in 1957, and it also powered watches worn during the Apollo missions, including all of history’s six moon landings. Bringing such a movement back into production while carefully retaining all authentic specifications gives watch collectors a new-found option to own a piece of history – and we love it all the more for that.

Canopus Gold
Brought back into production in 2019, the faithfully reintroduced OMEGA Calibre 321 gives watch collectors a new way to own a piece of watchmaking history.

With a case and bracelet crafted entirely from OMEGA’s exclusive Canopus Gold – an 18ct white gold with a brilliant and durable sheen –, and decorated with such neat details like the grand feu enamel inside the bezel’s markings or the deep black onyx dial, the OMEGA Speedmaster 321 Canopus Gold is a highly precious and equally luxurious tribute to one of the great originals in watchmaking history.

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