Silvia Hofmann is the Executive President of Hofmann Hospitality School in Barcelona, Spain.
She was born in Barcelona and grew up fascinated by the gastronomic world thanks to her mother's influence. This passion gave Hofmann motivation and confidence to take on leadership of the prestigious family business.

When her mother was ill with cancer, Hofmann gained first-hand understanding of people's struggles. She established the Mey Hofmann Foundation to honor her mother by supporting women emotionally.

Hofmann believes doing what you love gives you motivation to meet daily challenges positively, even through difficult times. She aims to balance priorities and make time for interests and loved ones.
As President, Hofmann works to uphold Hofmann's quality and reputation. She has focused on improving the brand image and professionalizing the team with top talent.

Hofmann's adaptability, curiosity and commitment to hospitality education support her leadership of the Hofmann legacy.

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