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The Best Restaurants In Berlin – Creative Flair, Innovative Flavour
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The Best Restaurants In Berlin – Creative Flair, Innovative Flavour

Restaurant Tim Raue - One of The Finest Berlin Michelin Star Restaurants

In a city filled with heritage, beauty and creativity, the best restaurants in Berlin excel above all others. The expansive metropolis is a place where history is alive, progressive innovation is rampant, and creative flair is on high – always interesting, often experimental, and endlessly inspiring. A haven for bohemians, Berlin’s own distinctive flavour gives way to some of the world’s most outside-the-box creatives, and fortunately for the modern gourmand, the culinary world of the German capital lives up to its reputation.

Pick any of the many Berlin neighbourhoods and an invigorating restaurant is not far. From the all-time classics to the stylish local ‘Kiez’ joints, let by Michelin-star masterminds or ingenious restaurateurs, the best spots in Berlin are all sprinkled with a touch of that exhilarating ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes the city entirely its own. Looking for an extra-special night on the town? Let us show you the best of the best the city has to offer offer. Settle into that edgy extravagance and let your palate be swept away.

Where to eat in Berlin? Our Best Restaurants in Berlin.

Restaurant Tim Raue - One of The Finest Berlin Michelin Star Restaurants
Photo by: Restaurant Tim Raue

Restaurant Tim Raue

Not far from the rough-but-trendy Kreuzberg neighbourhood where he grew up is the eponymous restaurant of Tim Raue, the German celebrity chef whose provocative nature in both character and cuisine catapulted him swiftly to being a household name. His Asian-fusion cooking, which revolutionized German cuisine, earned this trendy locale two Michelin stars, plus the distinguished 31st spot on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. If you love a shock to your palate and affront to your expectations – in the best ways possible, of course – the dishes of Tim Raue are certainly in order.

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Cookies Cream - A Innovative Vegetarian Restaurant in Berlin
Photo by: Cookies Cream Restaurant

Cookies Cream

Now a hub for plant-based menus, Berlin was lacking great vegetarian cuisine when Cookies Cream opened its doors in 2007, taking the reins as the pioneer of vegetarian fine dining. Helmed by famous nightlife figure Heinz ‘Cookie’ Gindullis – known for his legendary Cookies club from the 90s – the restaurant’s interior is indeed decked out for a party, from its industrial architecture to glittering disco balls. Cookies Cream earned its first Michelin star in 2018 under the inventive talents of head chef Stephan Hentschel, the first to be awarded to any purely vegetarian restaurant in Germany. But whether veggie or not, this spot is sure to excite anyone stepping foot inside.

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Photo by: Nobelhart & Schmutzig Restaurant
Photo by: Nobelhart & Schmutzig Restaurant

Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Another name drawing troves to Kreuzberg is Nobelhart & Schmutzig, more ‘gastronomical concept’ than simply restaurant. Centred around a self-described ‘vocally local’ philosophy, the Michelin-star kitchen likes to shift the spotlight from its (incredible) experts – led by owner-sommelier Billy Wagner and head chef Micha Schäfer – onto its suppliers and producers, emphasizing exceptional quality and produce. Seating runs around a snake-like counter circling the prep area, so you can get in on the excitement from start to finish.

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Einsunternull - The Iconic Berlin Michelin Starred Restaurant
Photo by: Einsunternull Restaurant


In many ways, Einsunternull is a love letter to Berlin – at the very least, it’s a proud embrace of it. West- and East-Berliners Silvio Pfeufer (head chef) and Ivo Ebert (owner) shape the restaurant’s culture, seeking to carve out a unique identity for their beloved city in the culinary sphere. This dynamic, young team are ably assisted by sommelier Anna, whose anti-alcoholic creations and enormous wine list beautifully accompany the rich cuisine that Einsunternull is renowned for. Earning a Michelin star for their creativity, sourcing regional ingredients to create dishes, best described as “new German kitchen”, the Einsunternull is a feast for your eyes as well as your stomach. The beautifully designed space, as well as the open courtyard where beer was once brewed, are adorned works from Berlin designers, making dining here the ultimate urban experience.

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Ernst - One of The Top Berlin High-End Restaurants - The Best Restaurants in Berlin
Photo by: Ernst Restaurant


You’d have to know where to look to find Ernst, hidden behind a stainless steel door next to a graffitied shopfront in Berlin’s Wedding neighbourhood. What is now one of the most coveted Michelin-star seats in the city had humble beginnings in 2013, as a best-kept secret in the home of its creator, Canadian chef Dylan Watson-Brawn (19 years old at the time). The prodigious chef lets an electric, cultivated flair colour all his creations, influenced from his time in ‘Ryugin’, Tokyo’s three-Michelin-star venue. With a local tasting menu of 25 courses, and only 8 seats at the counter, a visit to Ernst is intimate and unmissable.

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Osterberger - A Fine Dining Berlin Restaurant Near Mitte
Photo by: Osterberger Restaurant


Immediately upon opening its doors in June of 2020, Osterberger was a buzzing locale, its outdoor terrace bringing life to the quiet side-street location in Berlin’s central area of Mitte. Dubbed a ‘Kiezrestaurant’, the spot brings the full charm of your favourite local restaurant, guided by the welcoming hospitality of owners and partners Thorsten Osterberger and Stefan Gruber-Osterberger. Here, all is done with a degree of extra finesse, from delectable dishes and drinks to design. The interior by Berlin architect Martin Davidson is Bistro Chic to perfection: bright, stylish and sophisticated with endless elegant details.

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Golvet - The Best Berlin Restaurant With A View
Photo by: Golvet Restaurant


Dinner and a view? Say no more. Golvet oozes exclusivity, fit for its magnificent panoramic city views overlooking some of Berlin’s most famous sights from Potsdamer Platz to the Berliner Philharmonie. It took this kitchen just six months after its opening in 2017 to earn its first Michelin star, which it’s since upheld effortlessly with the exhilarating flavours of head chef Jonas Zörner. The bar’s cocktail creations from award-winning mixologist Andreas Andricopoulos add the final touch to this luxurious ambience.

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Coda - The Best Berlin Restaurant for Dessert
Photo by: Coda Restaurant


When it comes to culinary innovation, the ‘dessert dining’ of Coda takes the cake. Backed by two Michelin stars and over 20 years in fine dining, mastermind René Frank turned to the world of pastries rather late in his career, heading the three-Michelin-star venue ‘La Vie’ in Osnabrück before creating Coda. With an unassuming facade in the diverse borough of Neukölln housing a sleek space indoors, Coda serves up an inventive menu of dessert dishes (not all for the sweet tooth), each with its own exquisite drink pairing.

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Borchardt - An Ideal Berlin Restaurant with Outdoor Seating
Photo by: Borchardt Restaurant


Doubtless a beacon of the ultra-modern, Berlin is also a spring of deep history and tradition, and in this realm falls Borchardt. An institution datingback to its opening in 1853 by August F.W. Borchardt, what was then a favourite of German royalty, bankers and industrialists, continues today to be frequented by the city’s well-to-do and preeminent. Tucked in a traditional townhouse at the beautiful Gendarmenmarkt with a splendid courtyard terrace, this is classical “charm meets trendy” refinement that, of course, amazes with its incredible international cuisine.

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Golden Phoenix - Known as one of Berlin's Best Asian Restaurants
Photo by: Golden Phoenix Restaurant

Golden Phoenix

Phoenix, the restaurant of the modish Provocateur hotel. Described as ‘Paris meets Shanghai’, its mesmerizing design is reminiscent of a sultry French bistro with moody lighting and eye-catching accents, while the dishes combine traditional French techniques with the nuanced, ancient flavours of Chinese cooking. The end result is something personal (Ngo draws inspiration from childhood dishes) while still being stimulating and entirely novel.

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Grill Royale - A Sumptuous Steak Awaits You at This Berlin High-End Restaurant
Photo by: Grill Royale Restaurant

Grill Royale

Craving an Entrecôte with a side of celebrity sightings? Grill Royale is the spot to book. From a prime location overlooking the river Spree, Berlin’s most luxurious steakhouse sits at the 21st spot in the list of the World’s Best Steak Restaurants, but of course that’s not all they have to offer. Boasting an assortment of mouthwatering international fare, their menu is prepared consistently with a minute attention to detail, holding this institution as a leader in the pack of Berlin’s culinary scene.

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The Best Restaurants in Berlin: The bottom line

As you can see, all that is daring and bold about Berlin can be discovered in its most exceptional restaurants. Now that you’ve got the list of the best restaurants in Berlin to choose from, go ahead and book a table, pull up a seat – we’ll be right there to join you.

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