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New Tudor Pelagos FXD Dive Watch Developed With The Marine Nationale
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New Tudor Pelagos FXD Dive Watch Developed With The Marine Nationale

Tudor’s rich history as a supplier to the Marine Nationale, the French Navy, has just opened its latest chapter with the Pelagos FXD, a capable timepiece built to impress commando teams and watch lovers alike.

Historic collaborations, military-grade elements and mission-proven functionality are all ratified, yet exciting components to some of the most collectable watches ever made. The good news is that you don’t need to spend five or six figures at auctions or relentlessly search the classifieds to get a taste of the action: every once in a while, a modern timepiece comes along to continue that legacy — and we couldn't be more excited for it.

Crafted from light-weight titanium, the Tudor Pelagos collection has been the modern dive watch from Tudor – a fan-favourite watchmaker that is best known for its heritage-inspired collections such as Black Bay. Fresh off the press is a surprising new addition to the Pelagos family: the Tudor Pelagos FXD features various important changes that will spice up both the wearability and functionality of the original model.

Tudor Pelagos FXD
The Pelagos FXD looks right at home offshore and ashore alike.

Developed in collaboration with the French Navy’s combat swimmers, the prestigious Commando Hubert, the Pelagos FXD notably features a fixed strap bar construction, which is to say that the two logs (or “horns”) of the case are forever connected by a robust, non-removable titanium bar. Crafted from a singular block of titanium, the case and lug structure therefore only allows for special one-piece straps to be fitted – this is done to fully eliminate the possibility of losing the watch due to a malfunction or breaking of the spring bars traditionally used to secure straps to watch cases.

Crafted from light-weight titanium, the Tudor Pelagos collection has been the modern dive watch from Tudor.

The Tudor Pelagos FXD revives the brand’s Marine Nationale collaboration with a ‘FiXeD’ lug structure

Worry not, Tudor includes two different straps right in the box. The brand is very proud of its special woven straps which it first debuted some 11 years ago. Produced in France on 19th century Jacquard looms by the Julien Faure company in the St-Etienne region, the Tudor Pelagos FXD comes with a woven strap that is made up of a 22 mm navy-blue polyethylene woven ribbon with a silver central thread, a titanium ‘D’ buckle and a self-gripping fastening system. Accompanying this is a one-piece rubber strap with an embossed motif and buckle, matching the mood of the navy-blue dial.

Tudor Pelagos FXD
Collectors rejoice: the famed M.N. designation returns to the caseback of a Tudor watch once again.

The bezel is numbered “backwards” to allow for underwater navigation purposes, and just like the dial’s hands and hour markers, every graduation of the bezel also glows in the light, putting on quite a light show!

The 42 mm wide case is 12.75 mm thick – rather slim for a capable dive watch. These measurements, combined with the lightweight feel of titanium, provides outstanding wearing comfort.

Tudor Pelagos FXD
Hiding under those straps is the fixed strap bar that allows exclusively one-piece straps to be fitted.

Powered by the Manufacture Tudor MT5602 calibre with 70 hours of power reserve and a COSC certification of chronometer accuracy, the Tudor Pelagos FXD well and truly is ready for action – inside and out!

The price of the Tudor Pelagos FXD is 3620€. You can find more information at


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